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How to become a successful writer

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A successful writer is one who leaves positivity in the hearts of readers and cultivates hope in them. Joan Kathleen Rowling Have you ever heard of this writer’s name?

On July 31, 1965

I read about her in a book of success stories that one day she was returning by train from Manchester to London in 1990. Joan was living during one of the most difficult periods in her life, she was divorced, and the mother of a child, and she lived in a state of depression, because she was mourned by the death of her mother and she loved writing From a young age, while her parents saw that writing would not be eaten as a living, but how dear Joan came to success

I do not go into much detail. I would love to search for her. At the age of thirty, she began writing the adventures of the magical boy Harry Potter, who appeared to her during a trip on the train. She dreamed while on the train about fictional heroes that embodied for us something of her dreams and childhood aspirations and at that time she was living at the expense of the state. Unemployed, she wrote most of her café recipe, he said in a TV interview

When she finished her novel, she pushed it to more than one publisher and refused to publish the book until the number of refusers was said to be 14 or more, but she did not despair. The research arrived until she found a small publishing house and then the novel was released to the market without prior propaganda, but despite that it succeeded greatly and was the beginning of fame and success. Then she took films from the series of seven books, and in 2006 the world ranked her the richest woman among them, and all this was thanks to Jaha’s dream in a train that turned him into a talent.

Have you asked yourself while reading why I am right starting this story?

In fact, there are a lot of stories and I chose for you this one of many and to start this article in Joan in order to cultivate positivity within you. Imagine now with me how a success story like this one I tell you now you don’t despair, don’t despair.

Writing is not difficult

On one of the visits of my great professor, the poet to my house, he always said that writing is like building a house, asking me to build a house, what do we need, I answer him to cement, bricks, etc. In order to write, we also need to read continuously and learn about everything and what is issued anew and what was published from the old. You must understand the concept and secrets of al-Fusha, the idea that was revealed, the paper and the pen.

Don't say I'm a loser

Above the word I am a loser. Do not compare your writing one day with others because there is no writer who started from the last, so take care of your path and do not turn around, because the frustrated are many in our society and therefore there is no writer from a book whose life is like the life of another writer, every person has his style and interest, and you only have to take care of your career You and its greatness from the beginning and give it its distinctive color. Say, I started with one of the greatest generations who fed the milk of patience and strength and uniqueness of sacrifice. These are the youth of Iraq, the sons of the great legislative revolution, the knights of the squares.

Gold tip

If there is a negative person who makes fun of my dreams, I immediately get rid of him Advice Do not listen to what negative people say in your life at the university I have always heard the whispers of my friends with some mocking my writings, they always say sarcastically write our stories because you are an empty person, I always hear the word Leave writing, it is not She feeds you bread. You cannot do this. I have always heard from everyone, but I listen to them because there is hope in me that I carry. My faith in God is very strong that I will reach the top, put my name on the office shelves and prove to everyone who I am.

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Written by   40
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