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'Billy was supposed to be a superstar'

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Pop star Billy Ilish is setting one record after another. Billy is a unique example of how to become a big star in less time. On the night of the 72nd Grammy Awards, Billy won the Best New Artist, Best Song, Best Record and Best Album albums.

This time he has recorded the title of the most popular theme song of the Bond series. The theme song for the 25th Bond movie, No Time to Die, was released earlier this year. It then topped the charts in the United States and the United Kingdom. It has long held the record for the most popular theme song in the Bond series from the top charts. Not only that, at the youngest age, the artist also set a record by singing the theme song of the Bond series.

Without Corona, Billy would have been on the World Tour of Where We Were Go. Billy and his lyricist and music producer's older brother, Finnell O'Connell, gave a lengthy interview to the media about their lives at Lockdown. What did Billy do in the lockdown?.

"Others have done a lot," said Billy, a non-campaigner. But I can't find anything to say. The last two years before the lockdown began have been very busy. So the first two weeks of the lockdown were good. But after six months, everything seems to have come to a standstill.

Finley said Billy rescued a pet dog from the street early in the lockdown. Another dog was already before Billy. Billy spent the day raising two dogs. In addition, the studio has made the house of Finel together with two brothers and sisters. There are various experiments with new songs.

Praising his sister, Finnell said Billy has a wonderful and divine voice. She has her own fashion sense to differentiate herself from everyone else. He was supposed to be a superstar.

Billy Ilish, 18, was stunned on the night of the 72nd Grammy Awards. He won all the awards in the best four categories by filling both hands.

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