My End of Year 2020 Blogging Income Report

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Content Creation



  • LBRY : LBC 14 ≈ $ 1.6


Personal Monetization

Common Tasks



  • Survey, faucet, etc.: $ 0


Currently the quantity is too much to handle when the value I earned is not much. So I may report this on a separate article.

December 2020 Income ≈ $ 88

Grade: D

Income Before Full Time Blogging

I already started blogging before last October, however it was not yet a profession but a hobby that I got the chance to do in my spare time which is hard to retrack of how much I earned. I remembered that my first earnings are in Steemit and Hive but I included them in my October report since it is hard to retrace the previous earnings. It is safe to assume that I my earnings before are only from Publish0x. So my lifetime earning there are $325.59 + 152.31 (loopring seemed to be excluded in the stats) = $488. My October, November, and December income from Publish0x are $45.52 + $35.53 (Farm excluded) + $51.5 = $132.55. So my earnings before full time blogging is $488 - $133 = $355. Do not be surprised, that was an earning starting from March 2020, therefore in average is $355 / 7 months = $50 a month and should be far less if I cashed out back then because it was the bear market.

Personnal Comments

  • Before full time blogging, I already published my most important contents related to my Masters and Doctoral and today I almost finished everything regarding my Bachelors. Just a few left to publish online and to publish assignments during my Masters and Doctoral.

  • I finally wrote detailed articles regarding my videos such as Upgrading Moodle, and Playstation Emulators and Android Emulators & Operating Systems in Debian Based Linux. Many left to write.

  • Hopefully, I get to finish my first cryptocurrency book as well.

  • If things goes well, I want to continue this as my career where I will articles on anything that have referrals and detailed stories about video games I played.

  • If I succeeded, I have more books I wanted to write.


Publish0x Earnings

Blurt Earnings

Hive Earnings

Steemit Earnings

Filearmy Earnings

LBRY Earnings

Coinimp Earnings

Bittube Airtime Earnings

Netbox Browser Rewards


Personally, I enjoyed being a full time independent content creator very much and I once again thank the platforms, investors, donators, and viewers for making my venture possible through donations, tippings, and upvotes. If you enjoy and/or want to further support my work you may choose more form of donation:

Bitcoin bc1q6hg4lllxthryke7zhxflcdrcm0nr8ph7antxk9, Ethereum 0x3D4c67A2A40bC24ec53ab767b9247c02A2250BCB, Litecoin ltc1qqxl8dng0swv7zuhe30y5kzwht3l25krfaqzu2k, XRP r9rwEdZBWFRbsGzwG5gm1MjDoyBKWLPyx5, Bitcoin Cash qpd74d52rxpt3w70qv555ccq0254j7dhtg2mxst0dc, Binance Chain bnb10hdlv95jyjn92j2l6um6gkmc96a6g57lnezd66, Monero

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