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Currently the quantity is too much to handle when the value I earned is not much. So I may report this on a separate article.

November 2020 Income ≈ $126.5205

Grade: C

Personnal Comments

Yes, I earned $20 less than last month but I actually feel that I earned more than I expected. I wrote sad things last month and I predicted that I cannot continue like this much longer. It was sad for me because this would have been almost a perfect life as a full time content creator if I were living alone where earning a hundred dollar a month is enough for me. By then, I made a decision to stop working on my book, stop writing about my ideas, stop pursuing online earnings, and complete my curriculum vitae to increase my opportunity of getting a job. Yes, this month I was working full in publishing any research and scientific writing that I have written in the past during my studies online where I only expect to earn a few pennies but I never expect that I reached over a hundred dollars a month once again and received some supportive comments that liked those works. Therefore I would like express my deepest gratitude to everyone in the platforms that I mentioned above.

Personal Missions

Last month I expressed my sadness of having to give up this dream job but this month I finally understood the main reason why I was sad. It is not truly because I have to give up my dream job but because I have personal missions that I want to fulfill. This month, I realized what those personal missions are that I subconsciously made long ago:

  1. Publish everything that I have done during my studies to my blog. I have accomplished my primary mission long ago which are publishing my publications, final project, thesis, and dissertation to my blog, and almost accomplished my secondary mission which are posting any research or scientific articles and assignments to my blog. As for the rest of my small assignments, I am willing to post them leisurely and in indefinite time with ofcourse a quality that is good enough at least from my evaluation.

  2. Write an article about almost all the videos the I uploaded for example I wrote a detailed article about my current most popular video about fixing optimus laptop blank screen when installing Nvidia driver in Kali Linux. One example that I really want to write is my tutorial about upgrading Moodle from version 1 to version 3 conducted on an actual case of which I believed it is a significant problem that is rarely discussed.

  3. Finally, I would like to finish my book about cryptocurrency 101 for users. I would like to stay unemployed and focus until I finish up to this mission or at least a majority of it. I am willing to put the rest of my desires to the shelf or to the waiting list for an indefinite of time. For example, I have more books that I want to write but if I have to give up on it, then I have to give up.

  4. Not only video record myself playing story video games but also write a detailed story and conversation of the video games. This was inspired by Youtube's timestamp and the situation since long that I no longer have time to play story video games but I still want to know the story so I watched the Youtube gameplay briefly. Also I wanted to be a video game streamer because I was actually a fan of story video games but have to give up playing games after I became busy since my undergraduate studies.

  5. I want to try referral blogging where I write a good article about a product that has a referral system and put my link there and see the earnings while at the same time adding more quantity to my blog. For example, the fourth chapter of my book about cryptocurrency 101 for users.

  6. I wanted to be a Youtuber because I enjoyed it and stories of famous crypto youtubers that he actually earns more quitting his job and do the work he was passionate about and one of them is being a crypto youtuber. Also a sarcasm that if we love Saturdays and hate Mondays is an indication that we hate our jobs and why are we stupid enough to accept how it is for years while other people are enjoying their lives? This happened to me in highschool, some years of my undergraduate, and my job in 2015. In my graduate studies and now I found blogger to be my passion more than a youtuber I really felt that the distance between Mondays and Fridays are short. Often during the weekends, I regretted to not work more on weekdays and wished I could go back to Monday where in the end I almost always chose not to take holidays on weekends and just keep blogging.

  7. I became very interested in cryptocurrency and I really want to start learning programming such as programming Bitcoin and writing smart contracts on Ethereum. Alas I am in a phase where learning is not appreciated but results mainly incomes are expected. I hope that I am wrong but the people whom I wrote this report for are probably not interested in this writing but only interested in the numbers above and that is it whether it is enough or not, whether the numbers can amaze them or not. So I thank you very much if you really read in detail until this point.


Publish0x Earnings

Publish0x Competition Earnings

ReadCash Earnings, right after October Income report I did not earn anything. Either the admins read it and decide to blacklist me for it and/or the bot detected me as a cross poster. Well no matter, I did not come to for that. I initially came solely because it is another blogging platform especially a crypto one where users can tip in Bitcoin Cash and I want to share my posts to its users. The random rewarder bot was a surprising bonus and thank you for supporting me last month. I'm thankful enough to be allowed to post there and I will continue.

Blurt Earnings

Hive Earnings

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Leo Finance and STEM Geeks Earnings

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Personally, I enjoyed being a full time independent content creator very much and I once again thank the platforms, investors, donators, and viewers for making my venture possible through donations, tippings, and upvotes. If you enjoy and/or want to further support my work you may choose more form of donation:

Bitcoin bc1q6hg4lllxthryke7zhxflcdrcm0nr8ph7antxk9, Ethereum 0x3D4c67A2A40bC24ec53ab767b9247c02A2250BCB, Litecoin ltc1qqxl8dng0swv7zuhe30y5kzwht3l25krfaqzu2k, XRP r9rwEdZBWFRbsGzwG5gm1MjDoyBKWLPyx5, Bitcoin Cash qpd74d52rxpt3w70qv555ccq0254j7dhtg2mxst0dc, Binance Chain bnb10hdlv95jyjn92j2l6um6gkmc96a6g57lnezd66, Monero

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