List of Yield Farming Craziness DEX on BSC Early 2021

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3 years ago

Thanks to Binance Smart Chain, decentralized finance (DeFi) became affordable for the average people. During expensive times in Ethereum, fees are $50 average per transaction while Binance Smart Chain fees are ¢10 average. With that, many new players are entering the game including myself resulting into many automated market maker (AMM) decentralized exchanges (DEX) with yield farming emerges. In my previous article, I have wrote that other chains are also following the trend of building their own smart chain but popularity are not as much as Binance Smart Chain. Most of them today only have one AMM DEX. At most I found Avalanche to have 3 DEXs which are PangolinYetiswap, and Snowball. While Binance Smart Chain have a crazy amount of DEXs eventhough it is just a few month after its launch:

Pancake Swap

Ape Swap

Bakery Swap

Slime Finance V1Slime Finance V2

Many Swap

Thunder Swap


Ice Berg Finance

BSC Swap

Burger Swap

Cafe Swap

Ramen Swap

Cheese and its associates.

Pho Swap

Uranium Finance

Koala DeFi

Ellipsis Finance

Blizzard Money

Warden Swap

Blue Swap

Hyperjump Swap

Jul Swap

Kebab Finance

Goose Finance

Salt Swap


Sishi Finance

Panda Yield

Macaron Swap

Mochi Swap

Cheese Cake Swap

Bogged Finance

Stablex Swap

Conquer Swap

Wow Swap

Disclaimer: this is only a list and not financial advice to jump in any of them. Many can be opportunities but do your own research (DYOR) because price can dump, rug pull, or there can be vulnerabilities in their codes. Although most of them are audited by Certik but do read the audit results. Leave a comment if you know more or if you have a comment about any of these decentralized exchanges.


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