FINALLY - Greatly overwhelmed to announce that Enablers & Higher Education Commission

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Hi All,

FINALLY - Greatly overwhelmed to announce that Enablers & Higher Education Commission (HEC) have inked an MoU to collectively work towards promoting eCommerce in our higher education system and Finally Enablers is going to change the culture of Pakistan Education System as I always say we take ACTION rather than only Talking!

Enablers stepped up and initiated A Specialisation Education Project - The first time ever in Pakistan offering full-fledged 1 Year Specializations in eCommerce and 1 Year Specialization in Digital Marketing.

A one-year specialization programs acknowledged by HEC in contrast to the conventional education system in Pakistan.

We want people to making money which they are completing their education and focus on to the point culture rather than too much theory, hence this Specialization will give another culture in Pakistan and becoming the trendsetter in Pakistan

This program aims to give graduate students a broad grounding and holistic set of skills to enable them to begin successful e-commerce vocation.

I couldn’t help but noticed that current universities in Pakistan have seeped into the world of corporatism, slowly yet gradually neglecting the importance of entrepreneurship.

This transition is worrisome for the future of Pakistan since I do believe that we owe it to our people to rid them of the difficulties capitalism has thrown them in.

However, the time has come for us to ensure that every student has the opportunity to benefit from the vast reservoir of eCommerce knowledge that will now be available by combined efforts of Enablers and HEC.

In our ongoing efforts to support the students in Pakistan’s education system, we also want to recognize and thank the HEC for its accreditation about our commitment to work together for the benefit of Pakistani youngsters particularly in eCommerce and digital marketing.

The objective is not only to cope with the current exigency but to harness the energies and passions of our youth to address and overcome the challenges. To give them the tools and the experiences that will enable them to survive and indeed, thrive in the economy.

Having said this, I know this is not just a one-man task so we will be recruiting and creating a proficient force that will further help in enabling masses on a larger scale in Pakistan and I truly appreciate only those expert trainers to turn up with their expertise who have proven experience and be the part of this Enabling Mission!

We will be enlisting only those instructors who hold demonstrated knowledge to take part in enhancing our mission because education is a treasured investment in our future.

Today’s announcement is just the beginning of a renewed and respectful affiliation with our education system.

We look forward to working further with HEC to advance the important efforts happening in our education sector to support our country’s youth.

Saqib Azhar


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