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7 months ago

Happy Monday to everyone, how are you guys enjoying the day? I thank God for the new week so far and since today is the beginning of the new week I believe things will be much better this week than the past week. The day is running so fast and before we know we say goodbye to October.

Everyone has his or her own dream but the only issues is that people's dream is always delayed to manifest. Being that people's destiny are different, there are some that their dreams can come quickly without taking time and they're are some that their dreams will take time. People are different most time that is the reason that we are advice not to compare ourselves with other people because our destiny is different and most times we lack knowledge about what others know.

We all have visions, I notice that if a man lives without a dream such person doesn't deserve to become a living being. There are some that have the dreams and achieve it successful on time and they're some that have it and they keep on struggling unfortunately they died through the process without achieving their dreams. I think this is the painful part of it.

Everyday people are pressing forward in other to accomplish their dreams but life is also offering them different things. Like it is said that life isn't easy to predict, we can become excited today and before we know it brings tears to us. Life is just like the weather climate which can change at anytime and once it's changes we don't have choice to stops it. All our prayers will be on how the weather can change into our favor.

Life is nothing and this is the same thing I like telling people. We can end our journey on earth today or tomorrow we don't know what will happen tomorrow like we are. There is nothing we should struggle for, once we die we will leave everything and go. We will leave all of our gold and diamond and it will be other people that will be enjoying it.

There's no single person that lacks dreams even the blinds we can't argue with them that they doesn't have dreams. They have dreams just like others do. A woman who was barren for fourteen years and unfortunately got conceived and deliver triplet yesterday and they were much joy in her house and people were so excited through the amazing miracle that God does.

The woman was so glad by seeing the precious gift that God has given her. She turn around with tears of joy in her eye and began telling people what God is able to do. She said that she has been trusting God for such miracle and this blessed day God has surprised her. Being that in our culture once someone delivered triplet or twin people will visit them with gift, so people were going with different gift. She was still thankful to God that all the dreams she ever dreamed has come true.

The same miracle can also happen to us if only we believe in God. He said that God has turn things around in our favor. If we trust on God he can cause our dreams to come true in due season.

Thanks for for stopping by, I really appreciate you for your time.

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7 months ago


only God can make our dream come true and thats if we also is hardworking.

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7 months ago