good habit and bad habits

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2 years ago

good habits

  • Caring all the persons whom I love

  • Kind to others

  • Branded dress, make up, luxury can't make me happy but a smile does

  • Love to gift my friends & family with the little money of scholarship

  • Can't hate anyone too much

  • Forget every pain got from others with just a smile of them

  • Treat everyone too close

  • Love to think & making smile

  • Love to study & reading books

  • Never cheat anyone & always try to be a savior of mankind

Bad Habits :

  • Trust everyone

  • Can't reveal myself, my true feelings

  • Always try to be the daughter whom my parents want,never be myself

  • Care too much

  • Bad at making friends

  • Have no sense of fashions

  • Introvert in nature

  • Can't study a little when mind doesn't go well

  • Think for everyone except myself

  • Can't wake up early

  • Generally miss the Fazor prayer

  • Can't make myself happy. It's hard to find a day when I enjoyed the real happiness

  • Sadness grasp myself so quickly

  • Miss every false friends badly

  • Can't focus my real dream

  • Make myself too easy to get

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Thanks for the tips, they are really helpful

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