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Moving on now to more unique, local cuisines, from Pakistan’s northern people groups (Gilgit Baltistan), the first thing you absolutely have to try is Chapshurro.

Chap,’ just means meat, and these wonderful hotplate cakes often contain yak meat. These cook on a large convex steel/iron plate, and are the perfect snack for a traveler when the weather starts to cool.

Seasoning them simply with onions and pepper, a sweet carrot, or maybe a small locally grown tomato, these will be the only vegetable ingredients. Using local species of wheat, the specific dough recipe, feeling, and consistency can vary widely from town to town.

This was one dish always highly recommended by locals throughout the Gilgit Baltistan region. I thought it was a perfect example of the diversity there is to discover among the food from all the various parts of Pakistan.

One of the more famous places to find this dish is right along the highway, driving from Gilgit to the Hunza Valley, just past the breath-takingly pretty Ataabad Lake. You can see some great footage here from this incredible day of our trip.

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Thank you for introducing me to such a food

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The apricot oil creates such a sweet aroma to go with the smoky flavors from the charcoal or wood used in cooking. I would like to try

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