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Why Do Blogging? Advantages and disadvantages

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2 years ago

Hello, readcash users what's up? I hope you are well. I'm fine too. Today our topic is a bit different which is related to the field of blogging.

If you also want to create your own blog, which will be easily answered for many of your questions. So If you want to make your blog, then tell you the very important information related to it Which can prove to be very beneficial, so let's see. If eaten, there is no dearth of talent in our country today. If needed Just to identify them. Blogging if you have the ability to write inside Best for you In other words we can say that this blogging The biggest condition is that you have the ability to write something new. Inside you Have the strength to form your thoughts into words.


 If you can write something new, entertaining, informative, inspiring The field of blogging is made for you, come and see more in this field If you have something new and prove yourself.I am telling you once again if you want to write something new Only if there is capacity, then come to this field, otherwise you will spend your time in this field Will only waste If you want to become a long race horse in this area If you are, then you should come to write.


Today I'm going to talk about the advantages and disadvantages of Blogging. Benefits of blogging if you are thinking of making money by creating a blog or website If you are making blog or website then the benefits of Blogging and Blogging Be sure to know about the loss.

 Blogging Benefits

 1. Be Your Own Boss

 The biggest advantage of blogging is that there is no pressure on you is. In other words, we can say that you are your own boss. when Work when you have the mind, do not work when there is no mind.You cannot get this much convenience and freedom in a job. When you have a job If you are doing, then you have to work. Your one in front of your boss Does not work either. On this basis, we can say that Blogging is different from a job Times better. But you have to give some time for this.

 2. Your online identity will be built.

 If you will do a good job and get the information available to people on your blog If you do, people will like to read your blog and would like to join you Which will gradually build your online identity. When you start working on your blog continuously, you can start different business Bloggers on social media slowly for opportunities and networking and Connect with marketers. Also, if you work well on your blog and good for people If you share advice and great information, people will come to your blog You will also follow you so that your followers will become and thus slowly - Gradually your people will be recognized online. If people like to read your blog, then you earn income from your blog Can also earn. Also, if you make a blog for your business If you want, then your blog will be effective in promoting your business too. 

3.When take a break

 When we do a job, we have some excuse from the boss to roam Have to make. Sometimes this excuse of ours works, sometimes it doesn't Also does. Our friends go out for a walk and we Friends like to keep their holiday pictures. In blogging It's not like this. If you want to hang out with your friends or family, then you need someone No need to take permission. For every day you go If you want, you can go easy. Meanwhile, you can also stop your work. This way Stopping work in between will not affect your earning.


4. Take money for not working

 When we do a job or business, then we get money only when Till we keep working. Not working directly means work Otherwise no money. One is our salary is very less, if from above If we are not able to go to work, then its money is cut apart or you Leave has to be applied. Not so in blogging. In blogging if you have any month or 2-4 months If you are not able to work, then you also get his money. Even if Even if you leave Blogging, you will still get money. I its I consider the great benefit of blogging.

5. No cost

If you are not doing any job then you definitely know about a business You must be thinking. Millions of rupees are needed for any business is. It is not possible for a common man to collect so much money. If any If we collect money and start business, then there is no such thing There is no guarantee whether our business will run or not. If for some reason If our business is not able to run, then we will not be late on the road. Not so in blogging. You do not need to invest anything in it I am saying this because when you start it Investing money can be considered as nil because once if To earn money, I have withdrawn the money you have invested in a month. Can. It must be strange to hear this, but it is true. Blogging You don't need to invest anything special and you blogging Can earn millions of rupees. Currently many blogging bloggers Earning millions of rupees a month.


6. Earn money sitting at home

 The second biggest advantage of blogging is that you can do this work sitting at home. You do not need to go anywhere. From sitting at home working You get a different peace of mind. Today there are many people who spend money sitting at home He wants to earn, but he cannot do it even if he wants to. Blogging The doer can easily do this work. Who wants her home for work in scorching sun or harsh winter Have to go to Vahr? We are forced to go home from home. if you When blogging, you do not need to go anywhere. you at home Sitting comfortably with sips of tea or drinking a cold drink Can work and earn money.

7. Best for women

 There are many women who are bored at home. Understand them I do not know how to use his free time? Of such women Blogging is the best. If such women blogging, then one Time is used correctly. The second house also has four paise. Family from They also get support and their respect in the family also increases. Elderly and Divyang can also do this work very easily. Them someone But there is no need to be a burden.


8. Celebrity Respect

 If you do blogging then you get respect like celebrity. many You are no less than a celebrity for the new Blogger. People you We try to sit on the eyelids. People want you to somehow just Visit them often. In society, both your respect and status increase. You soon people Beach become popular. You will see people who never give you money Thea, he is looking for excuses to meet you. It's all possible From blogging.

 9. Improve Writing

 The best advantage of having a blog is that your writing skills will improve. I still remember when I started writing blog posts I had to spend a lot of time and a lot of struggle writing articles of 300 words Used to have But I did not give up and I kept trying slowly and I Everyday tried to write better than yesterday, today I know that my writing How much improvement has already been made in the skills and these improvements are only for writing blogs Are due to.Once you start a blog, writing will definitely improve. And you can also become a writer. Also to write on a topic You study a lot which will increase your knowledge.


10. Increase in knowledge

 Blogging is an area in which we always have to write something new is. To write a new one, we have to constantly read books. Us every Kind of literature has to be read. What is around us in our society We have to keep information about this too. Before writing anything we need to Analysis has to be done. Have to think over your topic, you have to brainstorm is. This leads to an unprecedented increase in our knowledge. We can sit in the society and have a meaningful debate on any issue. The seminar You can keep your thoughts without any reason. We have a high status in society Is obtained. We can put our point on any platform in a proper way Huh. All this is possible with Blogging.

11. Express your thoughts

 We can express our thoughts through blogging. Blogging one Is a medium that allows us to put our ideas in front of the whole world Gives freedom We share our words together, at the same time, of all people Can be placed in front. Through blogging we connect with new people Can. We can share our knowledge with people. This is our job You can also do it by hiding the identity. 

Blogging Disadvantages (Disadvantages of Blog Making) 

Blogging is often seen as the only means of earning money. Many new Blogger comes to the blogging field thinking that there is a lot of money in this. Such bloggers are not able to go very far because their main focus Money has to be earned.There is no doubt that money can be earned from Blogging. Today people Earning millions from blogging. Very few people know that Bloggers earning millions of rupees today Ka, initially the motive, was not to earn money. He is blogging so Started because it was his hobby. He liked that his knowledge and Share ideas with people, so that people have some good Possible Today, our sole purpose of blogging remains - to make money. We Blogging is chosen because we like Blogger for millions of months To earn money We also have to become millionaires overnight. What about such bloggers Will, you can easily guess. It does not take long for such bloggers to quit blogging. Such Bloggers are unable to earn millions of rupees a month but are frustrated, disappointed, They get upset and frustrated. Also, that priceless of his 4-6 months Time, in which he could do something, is also lost.

I am not saying that you should not adopt Blogging. Blogging then money Is the best platform to earn. You should adopt Blogging, of course, But your first objective should not be to earn money. Blogging Your Hobby Should be your passion. Money will come automatically. Only money If people coming to this field to stay away from blogging to earn It will be better for them. This is the biggest disadvantage of Blogging.

Okay,  No more today.

Hope you like this article.

Stay well.


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Written by   54
2 years ago
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