Why are the Japanese so prone to suicide!

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Hikikomori. A Japanese term.

In Japan, people who do not leave their homes for more than six months and isolate themselves are called hiccups.

The Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare has given this definition. And according to official figures, the number of such hiccups in Japan in 2010 was seven million.There is no doubt that this number has increased in the last 10 years.

What is the impact on society?

Historically, Japan is the most suicidal country in the world. On an average, 60 people commit suicide there every day. (2014 accounts)

Among them are men between the ages of 20 and 44, such as the elderly. There are even children from primary to high school.Despite economic prosperity, technology, and the abundance of luxury, these people have no reason to survive.

Waturu Nishida, a psychologist at Temple University in Tokyo, said one of the causes of depression and suicide is the tendency to be isolated or alone.

Once upon a time in Japan, elderly parents lived with their children. But now it goes without saying.The Japanese are more willing to keep sick and old parents in a nursing home or hospital than to keep them to themselves.

As a result, the child is not as happy as the parents are affected by loneliness.

Deprived of the emotional support that a child receives from his grandparents, especially during the emotional turmoil of his own child or adolescent, the child may be making an extreme decision in life.

In 2016, more than 250 children committed suicide in Japan, the highest in three decades.

Grandparents help children and adolescents overcome mental illness or anxiety

Research, on the other hand, says that grandparents can play a big role in overcoming mental illness or anxiety in children and adolescents.

A helpline that provides psychological support to children and adolescents by telephone says they have spoken to more than 21,000 children and adolescents in two years.

Talk to them on the phone. They are allowed to speak openly. And through this many have been brought back from suicide.

The company says that if it is so helpful to talk openly with a stranger, then what if the person is close to the family!

And in the reality of the busyness of parents, grandparents could have easily filled this gap - they say.

In fact, in modern societies, the breakdown of joint families has caused the most damage, one of which is the healthy growth of the child.That is why in some countries, such as France, it is now customary for children to visit their grandparents.

However, the joint family system still survives in the East. And for the most part, our parents still live with their children and grandchildren.

An average of 30 people commit suicide every day in Bangladesh

However, due to online addiction, social isolation, etc., we are now experiencing an increasing trend of loneliness, loneliness and consequently suicide.

According to a report released on the occasion of World Suicide Prevention Day on September 10, 2020, an average of 30 people commit suicide every day in our country. This includes women, men and children of all ages.

And this isolation, the extreme form of loneliness we saw this time in Corona. The terrorists spread terror in such a way that we were forced to push even our family members away.


So what is the remedy? Experts say some remedies-

Real communication will increase. Need to meet relatives-friends-neighbors-loved ones regularly, talk, visit their homes. Ask them to come to your house too.

Remember to keep friends informed on social media or talk to relatives on video calls. It’s not real communication.

Sports, creative work and socializing:

Not to mention studying all the time, sports, creative hand work, socializing with other children, etc. should be arranged.

The child needs to be taught to cope with stress. You have to learn to accept failure yourself, you have to teach the child. Failure must mean it is part of life.

Solidarity with meditation, service and honesty:

You need to meditate regularly and teach your child to meditate. It will increase the positivity, gratitude and confidence towards life.

We have to teach unity in satsangha.

For people, the contentment and joy of being involved in service and welfare work is enough to make depression go away.

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