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Things Fall Apart

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1 month ago

Things fall apart ,

Our brother breaks our hearts,

We were tolled to a dark  path,

A path  of destruction and violence. 

We grieved the soul that lost in world of silence . 

The shivers in scorching sun,

Won't stop when you call me a brother and still thirst for my blood.


Things fall apart,

The central pillar is not intact.

Our shepherds turn up to be serpents,

Stinging and defiling our mindsets.

There is Nothing left of Our pride and heritage,

All Have been exchanged with a foreign wage,

Aliens are more cherished than indigens,

Brotherly love is lost in our genes.


Things fall apart,

The ribs of the young and old,

Squash just as crumbled leaves.

Don't tell me lions are most carnivores animals,

Humans are most!

Don't you see how they eat their spiced fellow being?

Famine smiles and winks at us. 

There's no grain that would satisfy the belly any longer. 

Man fights their survival,

So they don't die after the trial.


Things fall apart,

Our cries have no more impact,

Deafened are the ears of the so called democrat,

To Whom we sacrificed our last coin,

They've taken their part and now feed us with loin,

they leave us blindfolded with no blink of hope.

The land of honey we sought for has been deserted,

we're lost in the pool of frustration,

Mothers and fathers cry for their children's fate,

They are scared that their toils over them don't be a waste.


The myopic eyes of the government cannot see the miserable events.

All they care for is their pot belly,

The belly they pamper with Goat meat, pepper soup and five beer bottles.

It's not all,

They embezzle the funds, 

meant to feed a thousands of people during the general lock down;

People who have crawled their feet to  

Highways in their torn wrappers  and in bleeding eyes.

Things are falling apart. 


Things fall apart (2)


Things fall apart ,

The unsatisfied restless men,

Hunt young miss with cannon guns,

Cross  their River Jordan,

With their Moses Rod,

for the pleasure that turns the girl's eyes into red seas.

You know where they belong?

The jungle!

Beautiful roses are stained with white inks.

The pain of a life time. 

Whom shall they declare as father?

When the child cries to see Papa.


Things fall apart,

The land is flooded with iniquity,

God himself is in pity for us,

And the Ancestors are tired of pleading our case before him.

The freedom we fought for is back in chains,

And The walls of the country are falling flat.

We are not clothed anymore with pride,

And our nakedness paves way for spies,

Our incompetence has made others think less of us,

All we ever wished for are now in ruins.

Our birds are wingless,

As they fail and fall in a manner so shameless.


Things fall apart,

Delinquent youths pile up the streets,

for the home has turned into a boxing ring

Mothers and fathers despise the conjugal vow,

Together forever is now a story for the gods.

Where is the ring of honour?

Where are the instruments of union?

They are now as insignificant as the bin.

The consequences can't be farfetched,

As the society's image is corrupted,

And controlled by armed youths

Youths whose brain is an Oracle of deadly acts

Their lifes are sold to violence and mischief.


Things fall apart!

I can vividly remember

The era of the Rwanda,

They called us cockroaches,

Like we do not belong to the world of justice.

We were not meant to merry with them.

All they want for us is 

Swim in blood bath,

Run helter- skelter when 

We hear the shackles hit heavily on the cracking grounds.

The heavy gun shots.

During their parades,

They grind their cutlasses on stone edge for a sharp slit on our neck.

Independence is not worth the celebration.

Because the world war never stopped!

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Written by   52
1 month ago
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