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Sky Is Sometimes Blue

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1 year ago

Look at the sky...

It's white...

Sometimes it's blue...

Look at the beauty of sky

Birds are flying

They enjoy the sky

Flies loves sky

It's beauty never ends

Sky spreads the beauty

River reflects sky

Sky get changed

It's turns into dark

Frog is crying

Trees are dancing

Wind is breezing

Rain drops coming

It is raining

All are going

But the sky doesn't moves...

Clouds are moving

Clouds are flowing

Sky gets brightened

Nature is cleared

All the dirts are moved...

Like this every one must remove 

The dirts of our mind...

And be happy...


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Good one

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User's avatar Win
1 year ago


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User's avatar Win
1 year ago

Excellent work

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1 year ago

Thanks for your compliment.

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1 year ago

Thank you very much.

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1 year ago

Excellent article by you ❤ ❤ ❤

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1 year ago

Thank you so much dear..

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1 year ago