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Our thoughts and feelings

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1 year ago

This article is concern to feelings and thoughts of human. How it's work and what's importance in our life.

Today I am going to write in this post on the feeling of man. What is the importance of emotion in our life? And how does it affects our lives.

So friends, as we know emotions have more affects in our life then thoughts. We are affected by more emotions then we are not influenced by thoughts. It is absolutely true that no matter what our thoughts are. We are subjected to the very opposite of our thoughts and do some such work. Which is completely different from our attitude. which we never even thought about. So let's know why this happens?

As an answer, we can say whatever our thoughts maybe, but our emotions affect life more. Because we do not learn to love or hate thoughts. It is all a product of emotions. That is, everything we learn. Our feeling contribute to that. We come under the influence of emotions and love or hate anyone. But it is a equally true that hearts and feelings have a deep connection among themselves. As we know some emotions arise from our thoughts. And something arise from our work or through external link. That's why everyone has their own importance in life.

Note- good thoughts lead to good feelings.

So friends feeling organised from our thoughts and some from our action for example through external links.

Keeping this thing in in mind it can be said that there should be good thoughts in our mind and brain. We should accept good thoughts in our mind and brain. So that our emotional side is good and strong. Because it can be said that if your idea is good and emotional side is bad. Then your personality will not be attractive.

If your thoughts and emotional side are good then your personality will also be attractive.

now in the form of analysis, we know which emotions are generated by our thoughts and which emotions are generated by external link.

Forexample we can say that if we are going on the way and we see a person with disabilities crossing the road. So in our brain, a feeling arises in the form of thought.

The question is why?

Because we have been thought a lesson of kindness and sympathy for helpless and depressed persons. That is the feeling. Our brain is getting up. Which is the idea.

Understand the emotions generated thought external links. If suddenly someone start fighting with you or starts calling you bad. Then a feeling called anger will arise inside you. Which after being affected by the external link, inters you. Through appropriate examples we can understand that emotional aspects has a very big contribution in our life. Stimulation and energy are transmitted to the body through emotions and its staying in our body make us different from other person. Every person has the own emotional side. Which is different with different qualities.

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Written by   54
1 year ago
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1 year ago