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Earn Money Online Become Rich!!

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2 years ago

Everyone wishes to earn money but very few knows the ways to make it, let me show you some easy ways to make money online so now you can join that Richie Rich club too.

  1. Reselling applications

  2. Courier applications for delivery jobs

  3. Affiliate partnership

  4. Data entry

  5. Freelancing 

  6. Influencer on Youtube, Instagram etc

  7. Survey jobs

  8. Article writing jobs

  9. Brand promotion

  10. Member get member program

Hope these points work out for you, let me cover each and every pointer in mote detail:

1) Reselling Applications:

There are plenty of reselling applications which you can use to earn money, it is very simple as they have all the products on their ecommerce portal and you job is just to share it on whatsapp adding your margin amount, so whenever customer gets it he can do cash on delivery. This is not the only good thing, best part is that your brand name will be visible to customer. 

2) Courier Applications for delivery Jobs:

Here you just need to download app and wait for delivery orders. App is very easy to understand. There is product pickup point and product drop or delivery place. So once you pick the product and deliver it then you will get the money in your account.

3) Affiliate Partnership:

Here you can become partner of major ecommerce giant marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc. All you need to do is signup as an affiliate and you will get unique link of each and every product which you wish to promote. Once you get the sale you will get commission.

4) Data Entry:

Data Entry job is available online. Make sure with the reviews that the payment history is good.

5) Freelancing:

There are plenty of portals where you get freelancing tasks like Sales and Marketing, Logo Designing, Photography, Website Designing etc. Here you need knownledge of the the task you are doing.

6) Influencer on YouTube or Instagram etc:

If you have more than 15000 followers/ subscribers on YouTube/Instagram then you can monitize and get ad revenue.

7) Survey Jobs:

Survey Jobs are very common nowadays, here all you need to do is just signup and start filling surveys and you get paid for each and every survey you do.

8) Article Writing Jobs:

Many websites or mobile Applications provides you a platform to publish your article and earn from it by getting visitors on it. One of the best and legitimate App is Articlly, they pay payments on time and the reviews are good.Like" Read.Cash".

9) Brand Promotion:

This is only possible if you are a social media influencer which means if you have more than 15000 followers or subcribers. Criteria varier from brand to brand as they approch for promoting their brand to your subcribers.

 10) Member get Member Program:

In member get member program, you need to get new signups for the company and you start earning with every new member addition in your chain of members.

Apart from this there are plenty others ways of making money, like you can sell off your old stuff on websites like Olx, Quikr.

You can write your own Ebook and sell it online.

You can do click work in which you get paid to click on ads.

There are plenty of websites which pays you for posting product reviews.

You can do trading of Domain Id i.e buying and selling of Domain ids. 

You can earn by giving lectures online, this is in trend now in lockdown as most of the education industry is shifting in online education phase. Become an online tutor and earn hourly income.

There are a lot of websites who pays you for selling your photos, however they only pay you if the photo is selected.

Many websites pay you for watching Videos.

These were some of the ways to make money online. You can also use online medium to make money offline, for example you can sell your books online, you can sell furniture online, you can advertise for finding a roommate for you, you can sell your clothes online. 

May of my frnds sell their hand made paintains and sketches online.

Some even prefer becoming a Baby Sitter or Pet sitter online, in which you monitor on camera and as soon as you find something scary or you sense danger you call for help.

Everything is getting Digital by time and its a high time that we should also get into this fast running train because of we fail to do this now then we will never be able to do it.

Hope this article added some value addition in your life, I am sure that I might have missed some more online money making ways so please feel free to let me know those points, always remember that life's countdown is running and you are getting old every second so utilise your time wisely.

Thank you.


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Written by   54
2 years ago
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