Earn Bitcoin Without Investment

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Anyone wants to earn free bitcoins without any investment, can earn bitcoin cash andcryptocurrency easily by doing tasks on different websites for example on PTC sitesand offer walls sites, bonus faucets you can earn bitcoin from home from any countrylike Pakistan India Philippines Nigeria or any other country.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency like any other currency you can convert it into any othercurrency and also you can convert any other currency into Bitcoin. Places or websiteswhere You keep, receive and pay bitcoin are called bitcoin wallets these sites are verymuch similar to Paypal. You can buy anything using bitcoins.

How To Earn Bitcoin?

There are many ways and people also use many ways and methods to earn money inthe form of bitcoins. Top methods of earn bitcoins are bitcoins mining, PTC sites, andfree bitcoins faucets. I also use these methods to earn money from the internet.

How I earn money using these methods?

Bitcoin Mining Using CryptoTab Browser

I use CryptoTab web browser for mining, it has the capability of mining whilebrowsing.

Features of CryptoTab Browser

CryptoTab web browser has the following useful features.

1.It is very fast, quick and lightweight.

2.It is very much similar or in other words almost same to same as GoogleChrome.

3.It is capable to run all kind of Google Chrome extensions.

4.It has the capability of bitcoins mining by default.

How CryptoTab browser do mining?

1.Install CryptoTab browser

2.Log in to it, by using your Google account or with your Facebook or Twitter.

3.Turn on mining and set hash speed to max.

4.Now use it as your daily browser, it will automatically generate Satoshis (thesmallest unit of bitcoin)It also works on Android mobile devices in the same way, you will just need toconnect Power adaptor for charging into the wall socket.

1.Free Download CryptoTab Browser For Desktop

2.Free Download CryptoTab Browser For Android

How To Earn Bitcoins Using PTC Sites?

PTC means to pay to click actually these sites have a button or text link which redirectyou to another webpage, you have to watch this webpage for few seconds or a minute,and after the timer finishes ticking you got a little amount. But following PTC sitespay you in the format of digital currency, and when it reaches a certain limit you canwithdraw the amount to your Bitcoins wallet.


minimum payout 4000 BTC satoshi to faucet hub bitcoin wallet


minimum payout limit 1000 BTC satoshi to faucet hub bitcoin wallet

Tips For Using PTC Sites

These are the methods and guidelines I use to earn from PTC sites, so I want tosuggest these to you also.

1.You can advertise on these sites, but do not buy referrals or upgrade youraccount to premium.

2.Daily use these sites.

3.Bring more and more referrals to increase your earnings.

4.Encourage your referrals to bring more referrals by doing that they got anincrease in their earning and they stay for a long time in the business.

5.Every time when your earnings reach to minimum payout limit on any site,request payout and do not leave any amount on the site.

Join FaucetHub Micro Wallet


is a micro wallet and crypto payment service. Most of the instant cryptopaying sites use faucet hub to pay their users. it is a good service where you canreceive your small payments and then you can transfer them anywhere from faucethub.

1.It a micro wallet

2.Mostly instant paying sites use it to instant payout.

3.It has a large list of free crypto and bitcoin sites faucets and offers walls.

4.Add your wallet addresses of all currencies like BTC, ETH,LTC, and others.

5.Then put these addresses to faucets and get instant payout to faucet hub.

6.And later on, receive your payout to anywhere.

Join Faucet Hub

Join Free Instant Paying Free Multi Coin Faucets

I am using following multi currencies free faucets to earn different cryptocurrencies

Features Of These Fauce

Join Free Instant Paying Free Multi Coin Faucets

I am using following multi currencies free faucets to earn different cryptocurrencies

Features Of These Faucets.

1.Each of these faucets is available again after 5 minutes.

2.Each of them instantly payout your each earning to

faucet hub wallets immediately.

3.Auto payout to faucet wallets.

List Of Free Faucets

Free Bitcoin Faucet

(instant auto payout to faucet hub bitcoin wallet after every 5 minutes)

Free Ethereum Faucet

(instant auto payout to faucet hub ethereum wallet after each 5 minutes)

Free Dogecoin Faucet

(instant auto payout to faucet hub

Dogecoin wallet)

Free Litecoin Faucet

(instant auto payout to faucet hub

Litecoin wallet)

Free Bitcoin Cash Faucet

(instant auto payout to faucet hub Bitcoin Cash wallet)

Free Dash Faucet

(instant auto payout to faucet hub Dash wallet)

Free Z Cash Faucet

(instant auto payout to faucet hub Zcash wallet)

Free DigiByte Faucet

(instant auto payout to faucet hub Digibyte wallet)

Free Monero Faucet

(Instant auto payout to faucet hub Monero wallet)

Instant Paying Auto Faucet

I also use to earn this website which is really paying.

How It Works?

1.first of all, you need to earn ACP Points by claim bonus, claiming faucet and clicking on short links you can also do different tasks if you can

2.After earning points as much as you can earn in a session per day put them toredeem into auto faucet system.

Payout Mode Setting

1.You have to set payout mode before turn on 'auto facet'

2.Earlier I was using 2x payout to faucet hub instantly which pay after every 10minutes.

3.Now I use 2s + payout mode which instantly payout to fire faucet account forlater payout to faucet hub wallet anytime.

Join Auto Faucet (Fire Faucet)


All of these sites pay a little amount each time, and the best way to increase earnings.you have to work on all these sites for earning.

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Thanks for information dear

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Thank you dear.

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I tried to use cryptotab in my phone but I think it would be better in laptops or computers

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3 years ago

Yes it would be better in laptops. Thank you.

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3 years ago

I have been tried but I didn't understand very much. Also mining is not much profitable specially when its free. So to be honest I will like to not participate in this mining browser.

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