Collaborate with everyone- Compete with yourself

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A prominent academician and renowned nuclear scientist of our country. He was visiting a remote school in a remote area. He was having many stories with talented and curious students that day. He was inspiring them with some beautiful and humane life philosophy in the space of story-telling. At one point he threw a different puzzle at the students.

He drew a straight line on the blackboard. Then he said, this time I want to make it smaller. But it cannot be cut or deleted. Now tell me, how can I do this?

A game of wits, no doubt. Dear reader, keep thinking along with the students what the solution might be. At this point we enter the original text.

Cooperation and competition. Basically two words close to five letters, but the difference in semantics is yojana yojana. Happiness, peace and success in the first place. In the second, stress is more likely to lead to unrest and failure. I understand everything, but at different times in life we ​​fall into the aggression of a competitive attitude. This is not something we do very deliberately or intentionally. It starts working inside us under the influence of the environment or subconsciously in different ways in the way of life.

In student life, in professional life and even in family and family life, we fall prey to the aggression of competitive attitude. The reason for saying ‘I am a victim of aggression’ is that we have a competitive attitude towards others but the loss is actually our own.

How? Let's take a look.

First we see, what is the source of this view? The root cause of this is jealousy, which can be towards friends, colleagues, classmates. Example: Once in an MBA class, a teacher asked his students - Suppose you have a company. Now you have two processes in front of you. If you follow a process, your company will get 1% profit, your rival company will also get 1% profit. If you follow another process, you will gain 2%, and your opponent will gain 3%. Now according to which process will you manage your organization?

Surprising but true is that 99% of the students in that class answered, I don't need 2% profit, then the opponent will get 3%. Instead, I will follow the process so that I have a 1% profit and another company has a 1% profit!

This is jealousy.

But if I were to think here - even if my opponent is getting 3% profit, I am also getting 2% profit. This will improve the finances of my company. My staff will benefit. The company will have a reputation. With this profit I will be able to start new projects in the future. If I work harder, one day I will be able to surpass my opponent.

But instead of falling into the trap of unhealthy competition, we actually create obstacles in the way of our own prosperity. Competitive attitudes toward others and consequently suicidal behavior hinder our own success. Besides, I am also physically and mentally damaged.

Because this kind of behavior and attitude always keeps a person trapped in the cruel trap of stress - friend went ahead of me, neighbor went ahead of me, classmate went ahead of me, colleague went ahead of me. I'm behind that!

These chronic stressors are one of the main causes of various psycho-somatic diseases and especially coronary heart disease. As we know, stress stimulates the sympathetic nervous system of the human body. Increases the secretion of cortisol hormone from the adrenal glands which is known as stress hormone. As a result, the coronary arteries constrict, naturally reducing blood flow.

In the sixties of the last century, two medical scientists in San Francisco, USA. Mayor Friedman and Ray Rosenman show in their joint study that heart disease has a direct link to restlessness, hostility and competitive attitudes, and wrong lifestyles. In addition, the stress caused by the competitive approach produces viruses or toxins in the body, which weakens the body's immune system.

Constantly competing behavior weakens the nervous system and makes the body-mind tired and exhausted. The speed of work decreases. There is no focus on any work. Normal thinking is disrupted. Increases the risk of depression.

Psychotherapists say that there are so many dangers in the body due to the competitive attitude, but the truth is - no one competes with anyone. Because the context of every human life is different. Life philosophy is different. The purpose and purpose of life are completely different in most cases.

So to speak, the competition is actually with oneself. I succeed only if I can overcome my current position with constant effort. This competition is between today's 'I' and tomorrow's 'I'.

In a one-day workshop organized by the Quantum Foundation, Guruji Shaheed Al-Bukhari Mahajatak presented a long and rich discussion on the subject and concluded with a short but very significant sentence, "Cooperation with all, competition with itself."

In fact, this is the main source of eradicating the poison of jealousy and competitive attitude from within. This is what the successful people of the world have practiced in their lives. Sociologists once conducted an investigation into the secrets and philosophies of the success of three hundred famous and successful people from different fields. Many factors were also identified behind their success.

But as it turns out, one reason exists in everyone আমি I will win, but my opponent must not lose. That means I will win and he will win. In my progress, there should be no harm to others.

So the way out of the aggression of evil rivalry and jealousy? In the above discussion, Guruji gave some practical suggestions in the light of his rich life experience:

First, a change of outlook on life, that is, thanks in all circumstances. Be grateful to the Absolute Creator for what you have. Think more and more about your performance, strength and potential. Second, meditate regularly. When the mind is calm, all the negativity will come out of you. Third, pray for your opponent or for whom you feel jealous. Rejoice in the success of others as much as your own success. In this context we can remember a hadith of the Prophet (s). ‘Desire for yourself what you desire for others. Only then can you be a true believer. '

Let's come back to the answer to the puzzle.

Let us know the place of the incident and the identity of the potters. Atomic scientist said. M Shamsher Ali was talking to the students of Quantum Cosmo School and College in Bandarban Lama under the overall supervision of Quantum Foundation. When they could not find any clues, Professor Shamsher Ali himself gave the answer and highlighted the moral teaching.

‘When I was teaching at Dhaka University, I once asked the students there. One of the students said, "Sir, it would have been better to delete the straight line." But look, it didn't need to be deleted. If a big straight line is drawn next to it, then it just gets smaller!

This is healthy competition. Whoever can run hard, I will not pull him from behind, I will not put anything in his path so that he falls. We should be thinking that he is running, he doesn't need to stop, if he needs to go first, I run a little harder than him. Another has grown up, he doesn’t need to cut. I try to grow up using the qualities that the Creator has given me.

The great creator likes this competition. So don't go for less that your full potential. Don't go for less that your full potential. Rather, help him to grow up.

You all know that story - the sword war of the Mughal general Mansingh was going on with Isa Khan, the chief of the Bara Bhuiyans of Bengal. At one point, Mansingh's sword broke. Isa Khan could then easily knock down his opponent and kill him. But he did not do that, but gave the opponent another chance to take the sword. It is for this generosity but we still remember him after so many years, he has become memorable. You will also show such a big mind in any competition.

You will try to grow bigger by developing your own qualities. Will grow in knowledge and science. Will grow up in music. Will grow up in literature. Will grow in the industry. Will grow in trade. Will grow up in sports. But never underestimate anyone. This is the real competition. Then your life will be successful. '

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