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Clouds, you wander and travel far

From hills to the mountain

You travel all over the world 

You don't need any travel fair

You travel across Villages, town ,city

You look at the people ,forest, animals

I wish I can travel with you

And to watch the world without fair.


In monsoon you bring rain with you

And shower our dry earth and forest

This rain make the trees greeny ,fruity

The farmers become happy 

The river, pond fill with water

Fish started breeding, all creatures in

water beame more alive, joyful in the

rain that you bring to them

We all wait for you,when you will come

For the life given water that you carry.


But , sometimes why you became angry

You cry, make noise, through thunderbolt on the mother earth

Some people beame the victim of this

Some die, some suffer, why you do this?.


In autumn, you look very beautiful

In your white and blue colour

The sun shine behind you

Make the sky more  attractive

Because of your presence

You look very charming and graceful

I wish I can travel with you far and far.

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A wonderful article

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Thank you.

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