An Incomplete Poem

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3 years ago
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Pimples pimples everywhere,

I don't even know which one to stare,

I just can't lie and say that I don't care,

But deep inside they really scare.


When I make my hair in a bun,

they just start to have their own fun,

making myself as an example of pun,

But when I open them they make me look like nun,

I wanna shoot me with a gun,

But I refuse to quit n run,

I always want to see the bright sun.


I have a nose like a pig,

I don't even know how is it that big,

It is so funny it can have its own gig,

I don't have more words except for a twig.


I have a little bit of moustache,It gives me a different kind of headache

The kind that no one can match,even though I am a girl I made a mistake.


Everything in my body begs to get hate,

What can we do it is just my fate,

My nose,my hair, my filthy state,

They don't even let me think straight.

I have my own style which makes everyone debate,

Can I get myself a mate,

As i have a colour of slate,

It makes me regret everything I ate,

Finished every chunk of fat from my plate,

Isn't everything so great,

It's not even my fault that I got my father's trait,

Can't go out when its late,for my family definition of late is past eight.

After it they just close the gate,

Will I always have to wait.


Everything the God made

is beautiful as jade,

But when it was my turn why did everything started to fade,

Why did HE made me like a maid,

It makes me insecure and afraid,

Born talentlessI don't even know how to make a graceful braid,

Not anything about making an aid,

Not anything about war and trade,

Not anything about getting paid,

Always getting low on grade,

Feelings have started to decayed,

I just want some time to upgrade,

After that I will go into the ocean and tranform into a mermaid.....


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