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1 year ago

*Sunday Jokes with Li Bang Gee 😂😂😂😂*

1. If you find a woman that makes you

laugh...... Please keep her women are not

funny this days

2. *This world is not our world my sister,you

dump a guy because he cheated and get a

guy who was dumped because of

cheating,and claim you moved on ..that's

cross multiplication.


3. Brother, feel free to wear your boxers for

2weeks, Merlin wore a trouser from season

1 to 5 and nothing happened

4. Ladies.....Nomatter how cute your selfie

looks on facebook or instagram ....your

National ID will humble you.

5. My relationship is doing well

Am even thinking of opening another

branch in Bangladesh

6. *When they call u wife material be careful.

Some people haven't come to buy any

material but to cut pieces for sample. World


7. *Baby send me your* *account number.*

*That word alone can* *make a woman

CUM* *without been touched!!!*

8. I was singing one day and one of my

neighbors asked me "Is that your voice"and

I said "No, is my footsteps". I hate nonsense

9. I love the Igbos alot, they threaten in


The chicken that crows in the morning is

silent in the evening stew.


10. After accepting your friend request, you

are still asking mi can we be friends

Noooo come and be my landlord

11. Imagine someone with big eyes telling

me, sorry i didn't see your missed calls, what

are those eyes for ?

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