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The dreamer of Dhaka University

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11 months ago

The dreamer of Dhaka University, who is standing on the donated 800 acres of land, today's Dhaka University, Dhaka Medical, BUET does not remember that Nawab Sir Salimullah.

*** Biography:

Nawab Sulimullah was born on 6 June 181. His father was Nawab Sir Khwaja Ahsanullah (1847-1901) and his grandfather was Nawab Sir Khwaja Abdul Gani (1813-96). Both of them are important personalities in the socio-politics of nineteenth century Bangladesh. Undoubtedly the family was aristocratic and wealthy. But even though he was a child of an aristocratic family, he considered the grief of the common people as his own grief. He has given alms in Akat.

Sir Salimullah's father Ahsanullah on December 6, 1901 at a cost of Rs.

(1) Nawab Salimullah was the first to give birth to modern Dhaka by introducing drinking water and telephone system.

(2) In 1902, he donated 1 lakh 20 thousand rupees for the establishment of an engineering school in Dhaka. With that money and the land he donated, the Ahsanullah School of Engineering was established, which was upgraded to the Ahsanullah Engineering College in 1922 and the Ahsanullah University of Engineering and Technology in 1970. That is the present Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET).

(3) Nawab Salimullah, who visited the big lot Lord Curzon in Dhaka in 1903 and presented the problems of East Bengal to him in a long meeting held at Ahsan Manzil.

(4) Nawab Salimullah who demanded the establishment of a university in Dhaka on 29 August 1911 with two separate credentials with Nawab Ali Chowdhury at the reception on the occasion of the departure of Lancelot Hair and the joining of Charles Bailey at Curzon Hall in Dhaka.

(5) (DU) He not only donated land for the establishment of Dhaka University, but was also the main financier. This caused a deficit in his treasury. In the end, he had to repay the loan taken from the moneylenders by taking a loan from the government. The zamindari went to the Court of Wards.

(6) Nawab Salimullah who in 1906 formed the All India Muslim League in the Pak-Indian subcontinent in a nearly six-month effort to preserve its own history, heritage and religion.

(6) Nawab Salimullah who as a result of the movement created the posts of Assistant Inspector and Special Sub-Inspector for Muslims in the Department of Education by the British Government.

(6) Nawab Salimullah who is a racist

In the Manichaean conspiracy, he first woke up thinking of the Muslims who had been enslaved for more than a hundred years under British socialism, the Kachoyan-Darwans and the enslaved Muslims, then began to organize the Muslims.

(6) Nawab Salimullah, who heard about the suffering of the people in the earthquake in distant Turkey and sent money to help.

(9) Nawab Salimullah, who became indebted to the people by generously giving away all his wealth. Sonali Bank's Sadarghat branch still has its mortgaged chest "Daryaye Nur".

Well how many of us know about this great man? Speaking of his outstanding fame?

Without this BUET, who would have the opportunity to become a world class engineer?

Today, hundreds of rubbish have become the center of our knowledge where these great people have a little place !!

**** Mysterious death

The establishment of Dhaka University was disputed by the then Hindu society and Lat.

It is said that the governor did not agree to establish any university in Dhaka. This led to a heated debate with the Nawab. He died in Calcutta at this time. It was later announced that he had died of a heart attack.

A large crowd gathered at his janaza in Calcutta on the same day. The body was brought to Dhaka the next day and was buried in the family cemetery at Begum Bazar in Dhaka under tight security.

I am praying for the forgiveness of his soul, may Allah grant him Paradise (Amen).

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Written by   28
11 months ago
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