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God-fearing shepherd boy

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11 months ago

God-fearing shepherd boy: -

Once upon a time, Hazrat Azam (peace be upon him) was walking along the road to Madinah in disguise in the middle of the night and was inquiring about the people. At this time he saw a shepherd with a flock of goats passing in front of him. He said to the shepherd, "Sell me one of these goats."

The shepherd said, “These goats are not mine, they belong to my master. I am his slave. ”

Azam (peace be upon him) said to Farooq, “Your master will not see us here where we are. Save a goat. And tell the master that a goat has been eaten by a tiger. ”

The shepherd became angry and shouted, "Can't you see Allah Pak?"

He remained silent. The shepherd looked at him and roared and drove away with the goat.

The next morning, Azam went to the master of the shepherd and bought him from his master and set him free. Then he said: “O young man! What you said about God yesterday, today paid off the slavery of your world. I hope that this fear of God will save you from the torment of Hell on the Day of Resurrection. ”

Education: Taqwa and honesty should be found in the most insignificant and insignificant people, he should be given due status. Because Allah Ta'ala says: The most honorable of you is the one who is most pious among you.

Subahanallah !!!

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