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Dental care for patients with autism

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Dental care for patients with autism. What is autism, and why is it so important socially ???

In a word, the problem of nervous structure and development is called autism. The exact cause of autism is not yet known. However, two main factors are considered important.

1. Genetic factors.

2. No complications during pregnancy. Girls suffer from autism three to four times more often than boys. If the first child in a family is autistic, there is a two to eight percent chance of having another child. Such children may have various physical problems because they cannot focus on their own good and bad. In most cases they are unusually stubborn and want to do the opposite of what they are trying to say, their mental development does not happen with age. Most parents are helpless because of this, but they have to have a more tolerant and clear idea to deal with the problem. With the goodwill, effort and proper knowledge of the parent, the child can become much more normal over time.

কি What can be the problems of teeth and mouth of a patient with autism ??

শিশু Various problems of mouth and teeth are observed in children or adults with autism. Due to regular use of various medications and inability to take proper care of teeth, autistic patients are more prone to caries and gum disease than normal people.

 It is often seen that patients with autism have various habits that are harmful to the health of teeth and mouth. Examples include bruxism, tongue thrusting, unintentional biting of the gums or lips, and exposure to various objects lying on the ground (eg cigarettes, pebbles, pens).

 Dental caries is much more noticeable in the face of such patients. Because they do not understand the need to clean their mouth, they are addicted to extra sweet food, some people have saliva dripping from their mouths and some people have a habit of sucking their fingers. They don't want to brush or floss at all.

 Gum diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis are also more common in autistic patients. দুধ Permanent teeth are delayed after the milk teeth of autistic children. The problem of crooked teeth is created.

Patients with autism may have facial and tooth injuries if they have convulsions or if they lose their balance in an accident. How to take care of teeth and mouth of a patient with autism ??

Emergency in oral health or oral checkup of a person with autism.

 The caregiver of the patient should always keep an eye on whether the teeth and mouth are being taken care of along with all other activities i.e. regular brushing, flossing, brushing or brushing. Keep in mind that patients with autism will not be able to do these tasks on their own, so parents need to be taught with patience at an early age. In front of him, everyone in the family will brush their teeth, will be a porter, the matter should be raised simply. If necessary, give a soft toothbrush without toothpaste or brush your teeth with a cotton cloth.

 If caries is seen on the face, you should seek the help of a specialist first. Fluoride and sealants should be used as a preventive measure.

 The patient's caregiver should always be careful not to take any medication that interferes with the patient's salivation or contains high levels of sugar. And the mouth should be thoroughly rinsed after taking the medicine every time.

Autistic children should try to avoid market juices or fast food, instead get accustomed to home-made foods and fruits.

If a patient with autism has convulsions or if he loses his balance in an accident, then he should be treated immediately. Remember that children or individuals with autism are part of our society, and we need to respect them and their families.

Any family and social event needs to inspire their participation like everyone else.

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Written by   28
1 year ago
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