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Angel of death

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1 year ago
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There was one oppressive person.

Once he was busy joking in his room.

At that moment, a stranger entered the house.

The man became very angry and asked him, who are you?

Who gave you permission to enter my house?

He said, the owner of this house told me to come inside. And I am the person whom no curtain can stop, I do not need any permission to go to the kings!

I do not fear the influence of an oppressor, nor can anything prevent me from approaching an arrogant tyrant.

Hearing such words of his, the tyrant became frightened.

He began to cut and fell on his face.

Then he said very politely, but you are "Malakul-Mut".

He said, "Yes, I am Malakul-Mut (Azrail)."

The landlord said: Give me a chance so that I can write a will.

The angel said: Now that time is gone.

Sorry, your chances are up.

You have run out of breath.

Your time is up.

Now there is no time for you to be late.

The landlord asked, where will you take me?

The angel said, "Your deeds, which have gone before,

I'll take you there (get the same address as you did)

The kind of house you built for the Hereafter, you will get.

He said, "I did not do any good deeds, nor did I build any house."

The angel said, "Then go to the blazing fire which will drag you to the skin."

And the fire will call that person to the world in which he has turned away and neglected the truth.

Then the angel took his soul.

There was a roll of tears in the room.

Note: If a person knew what was going on with the corpse at that time, he would weep and wail more over his own condition than with the dead.


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Written by   28
1 year ago
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