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6 months ago

Fighting between each other in every city and village of Pakistan is a matter of day. If two or four die, it is also considered common to mourn by placing a body. If the policemen shoot a half without intention, that sin sometimes becomes forgiveness and sometimes punishment, but when the command is given that the crowd in front of them are standing in the name of God, what should not be shot at them, their punishment should be known. Now those who have Kalashnikovs. What will happen to those who do not even run a rod in front of them?

The answer is clear, the one who comes forward, dies. When many die, they will go to their house and put their hands on the heads of the children. The cameras will run. Innocent children will say something crying. The matter will be cleared, then those children will come from school and sell gram chaat on the stall. People will have fun and eat. Then the cameras will come. They will give commendation, life will be the life of the widow whom everyone will teach patience and then we will read in the newspapers.

The Pakistani Taliban, the killers who did not have mercy when they were killed by 150 children at peshawar school, are trying to negotiate with them at the official level after so many years today. On the other hand, c's children were martyred, they are demonstrating in front of the press club. What are the courts to take note of these protests and why the Commission has come to the conclusion? Whether there were punishments or not. Little intellect like me knows.

In Karachi, the courts are ordering that towers are against building rules. People living there should be knocked down. Ironically, in London, Usa, a bomb hit a twelve-storey building and collapses. We know only the Pakistani misbehavior.

Bomb marker buildings are not experienced to be demolished. Therefore, committees are sitting on the committees. Tenders are opening. Those who lived are speechless that there are orders of the High Court. Their money sank, they were displaced. This justice will now be at the house of Allah who must have built the building. He must have been paying bribes while making. Wherever the goods are wrapped up, China must be sleeping.

25 years ago, the Sindh government was glorified and mqm fighting offices and marriage halls were demolished. Even then no one asked where the goods came from that everyone knew that the allowance was fashion at that time. Therefore, the tragedy of the municipality factory is that someone else has heard the punishments? At the same time, the leaders of the United Nations have been seen by these sinner eyes as they climb ed the accelerator of Dubai.

Now ask where the Ghoris are. Where did Haider go? Surely someday they will rise with the new sun.

Ever since corona came. Meetings are taking place at zoom every city, every occasion. The reason for international meetings being on zoom is clear. Whether or not these fashion or method sessions are now corona. It will stand. What happens is that everyone makes their statement and then the zoom goes towards the other. The ones that were debated, snapped, chatty. The concept of this is not involved in raising our children. When my children were young, our friends also attended the gathering. My eldest son Meizu's mustansar tarar, in particular, was tampered with each other's clothes. Ahmed Faraz's younger son Faisal was molested and Munir Niazi used to grab Meizu's hair and say, "They are real.

This civilization and the other hit were with the children of all of us writers. Playing cricket together. Going to Shah Hussain's festival. At that time, even cartoon films were watched by children in theaters. The birthdays and interactions of our friends' children were like a family.

Mobile has gained the most importance in today's children's pursuits, but what children displaced from the ethnic tower would be thinking. Was the money our parents put in not hard earned money? What are we being punished for? We are better than the jhuggis. No one asks them at all.

For the past 30 years, paper pickers do the same thing, and finally sit down to drink marijuana. Their old mothers carry a swing and walk around the leprosy pile early in the morning. They are not destined to have those who are "no hungry sleep" who go around distributing boiled rice.

The difficulty is that the Chief Justice's decision has the reform aspect that without fulfilling the legal code, such an end is reached. The Chief Justice should also address the sound of the sound of these small flats. You have just started getting the city fixed. Now you will be able to correct the mecca tower and how many other illegal measures you do not know. These flats are put up by poor committees to get a roof. You bring justice to the poor. Also take care of this homelessness.

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Written by   27
6 months ago
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Really sad

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6 months ago