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Inflation cannot be combated without education and skills.

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4 months ago

Hot news for today!

Jammers are now also being used to steal vehicles. During the investigation, the leader of a car thief group detained from Chakwal made surprising revelations about how they disable the tracker system in the vehicle using mobile phone jammers. Nowadays car tracking companies use state-of-the-art technology to keep track of the vehicle's bridge through GPS and mobile phone signals, but car thieves now disable these devices using jammers.

The arrested car thief admitted that they disable any type of car tracking system using a jammer worth 50,000 or less. For this purpose, they connect the jammer to the lighter installed in the car. And then they move the vehicle to Peshawar, where trackers and other equipment are taken out of the vehicle.

Lets move today article.

Inflation cannot be combated without education and skills.

What is inflation?

The general public understands the increase in the prices of life and other necessities of inflation, or rather, low income and high expenditure is called inflation. Inflation in both the sourats affects not only human life but also future generations.

This is what the general public thinks and rightly thinks that it is the responsibility of the state to solve problems like inflation or low resources. Inflation continues to rise, people's purchasing power decreases and the state does not seem serious about finding a solution through the best strategy at the right time, so the general public sees rulers being held responsible and bad, while rulers face many other problems, such as the reduction in the purchasing power of the country's currency in the global market is a very complex problem, i.e., the decline or weakness of the currency power is also the major cause of inflation.

The classes don't understand much. Due to the rise in the value of the dollar against the Pakistani rupee and the pressure of external debt, the Pakistani people face a new wave of inflation every day, the prices of food items, electricity, gas, fertilizers, petroleum products and everything else are increasing day by day. According to economists, gold reserves are behind the strength of any country's currency. The United States and China have the highest gold reserves. Pakistan has only $4 billion in gold reserves, while it must have at least $30 billion in gold reserves depending on the size of its economy. Second, the State Bank should deregulate the dollar so that the market adjusts itself to its needs.

A common man who does not understand the ups and downs of economy. He just thinks that his passing hours are easily happening or not. One of the major reasons why people in Pakistan are more affected by inflation is that our family income is the same old, for example, eight people are going to eat in a house, while only one is working in the house system. On the contrary, if five out of eight people are working, inflation will not affect this family so much. Now the question arises: What should be done? For this, we have to teach our new generation the best skills along with quality education to counter inflation. At present, the education system creates degree holders and not new employment opportunities. Educated youth hold degrees in their hands, looking for a job that would be more appropriate to call slavery, while on the other hand, uneducated or undereducated young men see the unemployed, that is, both incomplete.

No one has knowledge, and no one has skills. When inflation strikes, uneducated or well-educated skilled people are able to withstand some inflation, while the unskilled degree holders are left disappointed, so it is important that the generation has to be given skills with traditional education so that future generations can compete with the world instead of creating more slaves. The biggest tragedy is that there are no institutions of technical education in the country for children and those that exist are themselves running with such outdated courses and tools that they are not able to produce skills according to today's technical needs.

Similarly, the traditional education system of Meter C, FA, BA and MA is also in place in Pakistan as well as Level O-Level A, Cameras, Business, IT and other innumerable new disciplines are also in place. Students on one side cannot go to the other side and then simultaneously have two years of graduation and four years of graduation, two years of MA and one year Kama programme. Pakistan's system of education with conflicting methods and objectives is giving different, conflicting and conflicting types of productions. Despite the inappropriate but corrupt set and mismanagement, in Pakistan, rich in natural resources and talent, inflation is not a task to do.

So I think it can only be because of its cheapness, skillfulness, or inadequacy. Our youth will continue to be beaten up in search of a job by reading, so how can the inflationary effect not be removed? The sad situation is that the production (e.g. doctors, engineers, IT, accounts, finance, business, livelihood and economists and their helpers and technical staff) is much less needed. And the production (e.g. clerk, messenger, peon watchman, etc.) is being produced in large numbers.

Aimless education and unskilled manpower are our biggest problems today. An educated good motor mechanic, a good computer craftsman, a good electrician, a good fridge, an airconditioner, a generator or a UPS expert, no educated and uneducated, thousands, lakhs, but millions of young people go around looking for a job. This is supported by the fact that when the post of an artistic expert is advertised by an institution, there are no applications of ten persons with the required qualifications for the post, while the post of Police Constable, Clerk, Deputy Commissioner or Peon should be advertised for which thousands of applications come for an post for which there is no condition of technical education and experience.

The required educational qualification sits on matriculation, so that the holders of MBA, MA and MBA degree apply in thousands. In order to improve all this situation, it is necessary to introduce an education system that creates individuals in the best interest of the country and the nation and as needed. In this system, every child should study in the same field and to the same extent as he has a mental tendency and as many qualifications as he has.

All this is possible only when every child born in the country is given the same educational environment and the same curriculum is taught from the beginning, irrespective of which nation, religion, region, economic or social status he has, and the same curriculum is taught and the best to face the difficulty of inflation in life so as to know which child has how much mental and physical abilities he or she has. That's where he should go after compulsory primary and secondary education, or send it, so instead of a type of education system and kind of imbalanced and unsolicited production, the child who is born must also go to school and he turns out to be a useful asset to the country and the nation by raising his mind by creating a job-giving mind in practical life by raising his thinking.

Most of the people who reached the highest levels of development in the world belonged to self-made backgrounds, who started their lives in very difficult situations and eventually became a great necessity for the world. They not only created opportunities for their lives but also moved forward for millions of human beings.

What are your opinion write down in comments below, i would love to read them.

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Written by   27
4 months ago
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