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The wonders of Malunggay

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1 month ago

Malunggay is known to it's scientific name Moringa Oleifera it is a fast growing, drought resistance tree of the family Moringaceae, native to the Indian subcontinent, Asia and South America. Common names are moringa, drumstick tree, horseradish tree and ben oil tree or benzolive tree.

Moringa has many beneficial factors that can give to our health. It's nutrition and it's antibiotic factors that can aid during infections.

Benefits of Malunggay;

  • Protecting and nourishing hair and skin- Moringa contais protein that will protect our cells from damages. Moringa seed oil is beneficial for protecting hair free from free radical damage to keep it clean and healthy. It can also heal skin infection (we do it when we have skin infection, I just smashed the moringa leaves and put the extract on affected areas. It's kinda effective as the wound dries quickly).

  • Treating Edema- edema is very disturbing disease as it produce liquids from the affected tissues. The inflammatory content of moringa can aid to stop the development of edema.

  • Protecting liver- moringa appears to protect the liver caused by anti-tubercular drugs and has quicks repair process. (If you are antibiotic resistance you can aid your infection by taking moringa as your antibiotics and you'll become antibiotic resistance free)

  • Preventing and treating cancer- moringa has contents that can help prevent cancer development. It contains niazimicin a compound that suppresses cancer cells development.

  • Treating stomach ache- moringa can help treating stomach disorder such as gastritis, ulcerative colitis and constipation. The antibiotic and antibacterial properties of moringa can help inhibit the growth of various pathogens and rich in vitamin B to help better digestion.

  • Fighting against bacterial disease-due to it's high Contents of antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties moringa extract can combat infections. (It can also treat boils, Staphylococous Areus. I personally tried this one on my daughter it cures after 10 days medications)

  • Treating Mood swings- moringa can help treating anxiety, depression and fatigue.

  • Treats Anemia and sickle cells- moringa can help to treat weak cells bringing it back to it's glowing. It can help people absorb more iron that will help red blood cells count increased.

  • Reducing high blood pressure- moringa contains isothiocyanate an niazimicin compounds thet help arteries to avoid thickens that cause blood pressure to rise.

  • Improves eyesight- due to it's high antioxidants properties it can help improve eyesight. Moringa can stop dilation of retinal vessels, prevent thickening of capillary membranes and inhibit retinal dysfunction.

  • Protect kidney from Disorder- as it said it has high antioxidants properties that help eliminates excessive toxins from our body that was stores in the kidney.

  • Treats Asthma- moringa can help the severity of asthma attacks and bronchial constrictions. (I can testify it's effectiveness as I used this to cure the pneumonia of my daughter everytime she's having cough and colds I used moringa extract as antibiotics)

  • Helping wounds to heal- it can heal wounds easily and helps the appearance of scars lightly.

  • Treating diabetes- it can help to lessen the amount of glucose in blood sugar level as well as sugar and protein in urine. This improves hemoglobin as well. (My mother in law used to blend malunggay to lower her blood sugar levels and it really works)

  • Protecting cardiovascular system- the antioxidants found in moringa hels to prevent cardiac arrest, it's powerful that also maintains good heart rate, a healthy heart.

  • Making bones healthier- Moringa has calcium and phosphorus which can make bones healthy and strong. Along with it's antioxidants properties and inflammatory it can also aid in arthritis and also heal damage bones (I also blend moringa leaves to help me on my arthritis, I'm still young but I have weak bones 😂)

Moringa has fewer side effects;

  • High blood medication- if you take moringa with your prescribe high blood medications it will result into super low blood pressure leves (If you have prescribe medications to lower your blood pressure it's best to consult your doctor)

  • Diabetes medication- if you take too much moringa it will also results into super low blood sugar levels which is also not good, too high blood sugar and too low blood sugar is bad.

  • Any medication with prescribe medicines- if you are having medications and taking moringa it will also bring complications so you should avoid double dose of medication weather it's formulated or herbal.

  • Levothyroxine- it is said to aid thyroid problems but taking with other prescribe medicine will bring complications and have other side effects.

I will share you some experience of mine from moringa medications.

My daughter, when she was at her moth olds up to one year and 3 months, she always gets sick. I guess she's a pink baby, which means she can easily be infected when there are sicked people that got near her. It's like every month she gets sick, she even got hospitalized due to pneumonia. We always visit her pediatrician for check up,and her pedia will just adjust her antibiotics into higher dosage.

This is when she was hospitalized due to h pneumonia, it really upset me seeing her suffer before.
She was so thin back then, her forehead is big but got so obvious because she was so thin 😓 so unhealthy to look at.

This is when she got boils, after taking antibiotics medication prescribed by her pediatrician the infection gets back and she became antibiotic resistance.

Her boils are growing in her face that really upset as because it ruins her face 😰

So after almost a month of medication taking antibiotics, but her boils keeps coming back. I do research what remedy should I do to aid her antibiotic resistance problems and to cure boils and prevent it's reoccurrence.

Then I found out about Moringa extract then I tried it and glory to God it was really effective.

That's how I do it 😀

Moringa helps a lot in curing my daughters infection from pneumonia and boils. Every time she's having cough and colds, I just let her drink this moringa extract 2-3days her cough and colds disappeared. About the boils, 10 days of medication before the boils disappeared and didn't come back until now.

My daughter is turning 3 years old this October and she's doing very fine and got healthier. Her immune system became strong also after taking moringa.

I'm not a doctor but I shared this experience to help those who are having problems on health issues of their kids. Aside from it's herbal, it's also not costly. It will help you not to spend more money on medications.

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Written by   130
1 month ago
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Ang dami pala nyAng pwedeng gamutin.. maganda pala talaga ang malunggay sa katawan ma i try nga..

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1 month ago

Oo ang dami nyang health benefits try mo supe effective..

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1 month ago

SOBRANG masustansya tlaga Ang malungay

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1 month ago

Oo sobra, dami nyang benefits at nakakagamot nang maraming infections.

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1 month ago

Gsto koyung my itlognyan hhehe

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1 month ago

Oo yung parang tortang malunggay? Ang sarap non noh? Haha

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1 month ago

its truly a miracle medicine , helps prevent and cure illness, who know it could be one of the ingridient that could solve our COVID problems

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1 month ago

Well maybe because it has antibacterial that fights against bronchial related issue.. it has lots of benefits from nutrients to medical aspect.

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1 month ago