Witness the enchanting dance of the fireflies with the night

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From insects and fungi to predators and phytoplankton, you can find bioluminescence all over the world. The most well-known example of these is the firefly. But did you know that there are fireflies living in the sea?

These stunning animals live in the waters surrounding Japan and are known locally as 'umi-hotaru'. Although fireflies are 3 millimeters in size, they create blue colored light in response to physical stimulus.

The stunning bioluminescences are perfectly photographed for the photography exhibition called 'The Weeping Stones'. The creative minds of this surreal work are Canadian photographer Trevor Williams and British videographer Jonathan Galione. The duo, who have a company called Tdub Photo, live in Okayama, Japan. Okayama is known as a place where fireflies living in the seas are abundant. Galione and Williams state that although the number of this species is very large in the region, it is still not as easy to take these unique photographs as it seems, and they add: 'These species usually live in shallow waters on the beach. That's why you can often see them stranded. But to get the amount we use in our photos, you have to seek it out.'

If you find yourself one day in Okayama or another region where surreal bioluminescence is abundant, and you can take excellent photos like theirs.

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