This is My Message to Mothers and Mother-to-be

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Our mothers who sacrifice their sleep, pleasure, salary and life, and fight for the best of everything.

Our mothers who talk to her before she is born, try to feed her well even when she is in her womb, and choose clothes with the most beautiful dreams.

Our mothers and mother candidates who are heralded with heaven.

You are merciful to me.

When a mother is angry with her child, that child both cries and cries in her mother's bosom.

No matter what the age of his child is, that child cannot find peace without smelling his mother's scent and feeling his mercy.

Mom reminds me of the deep state as well.

It shows up unexpectedly, gives hope, solves problems, mediates, provides financial support, always rushes to help like a covert allowance.

One cannot always ask for money from his father, siblings, spouse or friend.

When it comes to the mother, she immediately refers to her as the first address.

Even men, when they are stuck for cash, first ask their wife and ask for their gold as a loan.

On that day, the husband realizes that “The most reliable cashier is the woman, the mother”

Mothers always have savings on one side.

What he increased from the market money, saved, kept as a bad day.

Mother is fertile, fertile.

The smart one is the one who makes his wife do his savings and entrusts the safe to her.

I recommend the following to all mothers or expectant mothers;

There are dozens of supports and incentives provided by the state, make sure to take advantage of it.

Make sure to save a certain part of your savings or savings as gold for the long term.

Open a joint account at the bank with your spouse. When the target becomes a partner, the savings are controlled. Even if your spouse has good intentions, he may lose his savings with wrong decisions. Like a gambling addiction.

Never trade on your savings. Many of your friends around you will always try to advise you so that you can buy this, sell this, buy here, sell here, earn like this, earn like that. Never fall into this trap. Those who accumulate long-term and protect their savings win.

Even if you are a housewife, try to work from home. At least you pay for your insurance.

In order not to need the mercy of others, you must have a savings of your own.

You can improve yourself, come up with new business ideas, and increase your income with online training.

If you don't have a house, don't waste your time to save money, get into home installment debt with a 25 percent down payment from companies that produce social housing projects. The first goal should be to buy a house. It doesn't have to be in the city centre. Even if it is outside the city, it will be easier to buy a house in the city when your installments are over.

Our newlywed mothers-to-be can save more easily and faster at a young age. Just because you're young doesn't mean expense is your priority. Avoid unnecessary expenses. Set a goal with your partner. This can be called car, land, house or something different.

The piggy bank habit is important for both you and your children. Your kids will do what they see. Teach them to buy toys with their own savings.

If you have neglected to buy a gift for your wife or mother today, or if you do not have one, you will be giving them the best gift by making optional insurance entries.

I kiss the hands of all our mothers.

Happy mothers day…

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