The essence of life is communication

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If I say that our quality of life depends on the quality of the communication we have with ourselves and others (human, animal, environment, tree, property, etc.), you would not object at all. Because, starting from ourselves, our communication with the ecosystem we live in, that is, with beings outside of us, will determine our happiness and success. Likewise, miscommunication will bring unhappiness, failure and meaninglessness.

Communication is made with one party and is first constructed to understand and make sense of. One of these parties is the communication we establish with ourselves and even the quality of it. How we react when something (positive or negative) happens to us determines the quality of our communication with ourselves, even if the stimuli and the occasional things come from outside.

When we act reactive instead of understanding the events, going down to the causes and learning from them, when we look for the guilty, wrong and wrong outside ourselves, our communication with ourselves begins to deteriorate; Since we cannot manage events and processes, we become victims. We think more realistically about the meaning we give to events, we can protect ourselves from their effects, we can change or when we have the power to change, we can take a step to become the master of our lives and have a more active, effective and decisive role. Many people, whom we emulate and take as an example, look at the negative events we experience differently, constructively, empoweringly and decisively, and they take a tour accordingly. Everything that is possible for them is possible for us, but in order to reach that dimension, it is necessary to eat an oven of bread.

Since communication power is based on understanding, interpretation and direction, this skill is a skill that can be learned and should be the basis of human development. Communication is not just communicating and influencing. The main task of communication is to be happy and successful and to prevent violence. “If there is no peace within, there will be no peace outside.” However, the main mistakes made are trying to change or influence them by putting their heads and their mistakes on the basis of life, which is wrong. We do not have a chance to change others, but it will affect ourselves, our thoughts, our behavior - which starts with changing perception - then it will affect our communication with other people and will enable us to control many things. That's the power, I think. For this, language, words and behaviors are a means, not an end. And in that way, we can create ourselves as realistic, constructive, optimistic and what we imagine in our minds and act in that context. Isn't the purpose of life to overcome, create, find and live yourself anyway...

We are never victims and helpless, and no one can make us victim and helpless unwillingly. It is necessary not to surrender, to resist, to resist and to put forward a more positive, constructive and optimistic effort, which is based on hope. Hope produces a cure; it moves people. Optimism is the ability to put forward the best by using the resources that can be learned and that we have correctly. Optimistic realism is the wealth of a mature person.

One must learn to manage oneself, and self-management training must be given both at home and at school. It's no joke. Education and training is not just about memorizing information. If there are no life skills, that education is incomplete and its basis is the quality of communication that a person will establish with himself and others. I have a strong belief that communication can solve 70-80% of the problems of a society that corrects…

Spring has come, we are happy, but I wish you happy days with the hope that the spring inside us will always continue.

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