Life or Struggle, Struggle or Life?..

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If we take a look at the most spoken words of the day, we would not exaggerate if we say that "fight" is sometimes used instead of "war" rather than words describing basic needs.

There is no living thing that is in motion, that is, not in motion. Every living organism in motion, be it plants, animals, or humans, is somehow programmed to progress towards the next level of evolution and self-realization. The phenomenon we call growth, change and development is the movement itself and is the common feature of living things. Without thinking about other living things other than humans; does it automatically. They reveal what is in their nature and act as their nature is. No animal desires to find food or consult other living things for reproduction. It does not take permission, does not question whether it is in the wrong or right choice.

Except for some basic things, he does some learning with education, but he behaves as his nature is and we do not have mastery in some basic behaviors. Still, the creatures called animals are in a struggle with the environment and living conditions to eat, drink and survive. You see birds in the morning in an early foraging behavior. There is no bird that is lazy or whining. Still, the struggle for survival is common in all behaviors, from bird to lion.

Unlike plants and animals, humans do not like struggle because of their ability to use their minds and think. He likes comfort. He wants everything to be done for him. He wants to carry some selfish behaviors he learned during his childhood, resists growing up, wants to get the most benefit with the least effort, likes to take a nap. While some animals say hello to life as soon as they are born and start walking and running, human beings need a long time to reach a certain level; He goes to school for years, gets an education, but still falls behind in many ways and can't do some things.

Not all people are like this, but no matter how hardworking one is, they still fall into the comfort trap in some situations. May be reluctant to relearn for continuity. That's why, although fighting is one of the most important life skills to learn, it is often forgotten.

The proposition that "man, in other words, is an irrational being", is actually a phenomenon that should be well understood. Because, no matter how smart, hardworking or in a position a person is, he can sometimes engage in wrong behavior that he cannot approve of. You know, a doctor who gives advice and authority about not smoking and not smoking can also be a addict himself.

Let's get to the essence of the word. Because of these features that are unique to human nature, he must learn to struggle at every level in order to struggle, to take responsibility for one's own behavior, to realize his goals and objectives, and to improve his problem-solving abilities, and he must be in this behavior until the end of his life. Because constantly changing conditions and problems can come to a standstill that cannot be solved with old knowledge and skills. What we know doesn't work. Today's laundry cannot be dried with yesterday's sun. What worked yesterday won't work today or in the future etc.

In the words of one thinker, “there are no hopeless situations, only hopeless people.” Whatever the circumstances, we must strive to hope, to renew hope, to carry the ability to struggle to solve problems further and to adapt it according to the conditions of the day.

If we say that life is not a struggle, but the struggle itself is life, we would be telling the truth anyway... I greet you with love and affection...

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