It's not one of us who doesn't like it: A dream trip to Miami

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Forcing and trying to make it happen are two actions in my life these days. Do you also have things that you cannot accept and do everything for them to happen? In the end, though, the universe and time win. It doesn't happen, but it's not very good, and then you realize that -as the pain of not being there gets colder, of course- it's not good for you. Looking to the past did not gain anything and it will not benefit any of us. The only thing we can look back on is the trips. Let's just say how nice we traveled, ate, drank and bought. Memories are only beautiful in travel. The rest unfortunately succumb to the passing time…

Then let go of the sentimentality, let's teleport back to the past, I'm sending those who call us Captain on a hot route. For example, let's be on the Miami line. One of the places where it will be said, "He who does not love is not one of us". Is not it?

I literally fell in love with this route and I spent it there to the fullest (the full part is actually quite a lot). The level of culture was also very high. This time, because I researched quite a bit beforehand. I always say I should have chosen Miami. However, it was a nice experience in the hostel I stayed in Miami. But even as I write now, I'm undecided. Salute to my effort to change the one at the beginning of the article! I still haven't learned, there is no cure for the dead

I wish I hadn't stayed there, but was it bad that I stayed? No. But I must have a wish, I will find it… As its name suggests, the roof floor had a magnificent view of the moon and the sea. It was enough for us, it was very convenient. Come and tell me not to go crazy now? I wrote the positive side of it, I wonder why I didn't stay, right? What if I told you that it takes 20 minutes to go to Miami every evening, both for the sea during the day and for a stroll after dinner?

Then I start from the first morning: after a nice breakfast, we threw ourselves into the countryside. God, what a magnificent place! I ate those stairs every day in that heat, yes, I tried to swim in that wave yes, I ate and drank whatever (no alcohol) available in that only municipal place, yes. Yes to all. If I have love, yes to everything. Is it blindness or unconditional love? I didn't know. I used to say that I can't even be friends with someone who chose the second option (haha). I'm a big fan.

In summary: Spending time in the center of Miami is incredibly enjoyable. Their cafes are now full of classics. For example, what a great chance to find a place and sit in Lokma. While you are eating at the table under the jasmine flower, you are already enchanted by the smell of the rain. Am I too romantic? This is how the first evening ended.

Did I love it so much with its long sandy beach, sand like deserts and wavy sea? Not really. But I added it as a good experience. Give your hand to your evening again, Miami. We gave the finale of the night by brewing in a nice tavern but having fun. The days pass like water. Because time is flowing peacefully in Miami exactly as it should be.

The boat tour was done that day. It took the whole day, but it was worth it. The bays are magnificent. This is actually an island, but how few people are left living… I wonder if they are aware that they can live in paradise without dying. That moment will be broken as soon as they realize it. So I hope they don't wake up. It is so beautiful and natural that life is there. It's impossible not to be familiar with it. The soul is drawn there directly to the beautiful. We spend the evening in our hostel for dinner and moonlight. It is also good to rest after the boat tour.

This is a farewell, actually a promise to come again or… Because I will come. It has already been added to the must-have list. It's a long Miami day and we stay out of the water for hours. But like everything we said never to end, this last day also ends. Vacation is ending. So now it's time to return. Time to wake up from another dream.

I say hello to Miami and its lovers and hope to see you again very soon.

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