Do not give up!

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In recent days, there have been some situations that have been increasing and I have been experiencing quite often. Whoever I meet, they say, "Sir, suggest something to format my brain," because they know what I'm doing and my job. Especially in the last few days, they complain that they are in a very negative thought whirlpool, that something bad will happen and that they cannot enjoy anything. When I ask them how they spend their days, they start to talk about the fact that they work hard, cannot breathe, do not have time to spare for themselves, are in a rush to keep a house, about children, sometimes their spouse, the state of the country, etc. I also say “normal” because the effort to adapt, which turns into a monotonous and vicious circle as a result of being human only to work, to have a house, and to postpone some wishes and desires, naturally pushes people to unhappiness; therefore, it causes a number of emotional, spiritual and even physical problems.

No one can lift such a load. A person who is burdened in every way and forced to live on his own will have to deal with feelings of loneliness, alienation and worthlessness, and will often succumb to these feelings. Especially in recent years, people have been taking antidepressant drugs, taking psychiatry sessions, and seeking New Age fashion in order to find a solution to their problems.

While some of these orientations work, others make the situation even more difficult. However, although it is a variable depending on the person, some people go to the extremes, turn to coffee fortune telling, seclusion, pilgrim, teacher, healer, and hope for science and irrational pursuits.

Because human is an irrational being, it is sometimes unpredictable what he will do. The smartest of us try to be happy by doing the craziest things.

Since the paths I suggest to those who ask me for help seem too long to them, they want information or quick solutions. And when I say "There is no shortcut to mastery", they say "We don't have that much time" and they don't even hear most of my suggestions...

We are alive, but we cannot live life, and there are many reasons for this. When elements such as responsibilities, desperation, addictions, inadequacies, our inability to belong only to ourselves, weaknesses, passions, ambitions, dissatisfaction, and greed are added, the taste of life is lost.

Even those who have money, power, position and time can't make it, they may have some dilemmas. So everyone is a little deficient and incompetent. However, living life comes before existence. Enjoying life, having fun, resting, lingering, joking, being in touch with nature, being with friends, spending time with loved ones, going on vacation, participating in activities, drinking coffee, reading a book, lazing sometimes, taking walks, getting hobbies, exploring new places Human-like things are also important for living. If we cannot do this, if we have learned to complain and only to complain, and if we do not make an effort to change and improve, our job is difficult.

Life can't make us the way it wants. It doesn't have that power. Our hands will not chop onions either. By creating a harmonious inner world, we can avoid being a victim by knowing ourselves and developing our competencies. First we have to learn to say no. Then we can make the changes we want by being strong, flexible, smart and knowledgeable by ensuring internal and external harmony. Wanting is important, but even more important is taking action and showing the determination to keep trying until we get what we want. We have the power to do this. Let's not forget, what is possible for someone else may be possible for us, we can learn. Challenges are important factors that drive us. It is more valuable to choose to fight rather than flee.

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