Compassion Is Manly

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We know the woman; is motherly, creative, fertile, self-sacrificing, self-sacrificing, delicate, graceful, has a closed mysterious world; we know in a sense… Or we think we know…

The man, on the other hand, is another world, but he does not attract much attention because he is in sight. It is open, known, rude, tough, it represents power, but in fact, its heart is as timid as a sparrow, sensitive, emotional. He is protective, sometimes hurtful, warlike, fearless and brave...

But the man is more compassionate, and compassion really suits the man. Compassion, also known as compassion, is a gigantic behavior and attitude that includes emotions such as "love, pity, compassion, benevolence, protection, and taking responsibility".

A man transforms into another human being with a sense of compassion. With a sense of compassion, especially for his wife, children and living creatures, he starts to act selflessly in order to protect, develop and comfort them, to ensure that they live and be happy with all his might. He tends to spend most of his wealth on them. The man who is compassionate and reaches this stage matures and deserves to be an “ancestor”…

If a man is immature, rude, harsh, rude, lacking in manners and decency, then he starts to bore and becomes the person that his environment avoids. No one can look at a man who is immature and does not do justice to his immature age and position, as a mature and adult man. He can't be an ancestor and his word is not listened to...

A man should make caring a way of life. While chasing the future, position and status, the most important feature of the personality, which will make him a respected figure in every stage of his life, will make him more charismatic.

Being a person who hangs, cuts, shouts, breaks, sheds, tough, macho or inaccessible and a little overlooked may seem to protect the man from some external harmful elements, but to get people's eyes and more importantly, to enter the heart of a man's wife or lover only and only if he is compassionate. takes place. That's why being compassionate is an important personality trait that suits a man. Even if spouses often have a decrease in their love for their spouses, their spouses carry and keep them because they are affectionate. Because a man shows a mature and wise stance with a sense of compassion for his wife, children, people and life.

Being compassionate means being human and acting humanely. Even the pain experienced cannot prevent a person from being compassionate. In fact, because of suffering, a person's heart softens even more. He looks at trees, birds, insects and everything that is alive in life…

Being kind doesn't make a man weak. On the contrary, lack of compassion makes people cruel. A man is a symbol of compassion and nobility as much as a woman is a symbol of maternal, self-sacrificing and kindness, and compassion suits a man very, very well.

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