How to fund your online casino account in 2021

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Everyone just moved away from the holidays, and in the Old New Year, players lost the last opportunity to easily make a deposit at an online casino through Yoomoney (formerly Yandex.Money). There were also problems with bank card deposits.

Someone sighed with relief, because this will help make an attempt to quit the game. Although we will not talk about dreamers…. There will ALWAYS be an opportunity to make a deposit. Others have noticeably burned, which prompted the creation of topics on various forums "Where did Yandex's money go?", "The end of the game in the Russian Federation", etc.

It is believed that soon there will be an opportunity and everything will be as before. But this is not certain, and the players do not know how to wait. Therefore, the only viable option is to use cryptocurrency.

Which cryptocurrency should you choose?

First of all, you need to decide on the choice of the type of crypto. Recommend:

Litecoin (Litecoin) - Minimum commissions for deposits and withdrawals. On average, 0.05 USD per transfer of ANY amount. Minimal rate fluctuations. High transaction speed.

Ethereum (Ethereum) - Acceptable fees for deposits and withdrawals. On average, 2 USD per transfer of ANY amount. The fluctuations in the rate can be significant. High speed of transactions, with an adequate commission for the transfer.

Bitcoin (Bitcoin) - High commissions for deposits and withdrawals. Average 6 USD and more. The fluctuations in the exchange rate can be very high, both up and down. Slow transaction speed when trying to set a commission less than the recommended one. Delays can be more than a day! Of the obvious advantages - you can always exchange without problems.

Where to buy cryptocurrency?

There are plenty of purchase options, and you can pay both from a bank card and from electronic wallets.

The fastest options include various EXCHANGERS .

BUT! The course there is not always "happy". For example, now, YOU will lose 15 to 35% when buying Bitcoin. I agree, it's sad ... When buying Litecoin and Ethereum, the commission on exchangers is on average 10%. Which is also not rosy, but already more bearable.

A complete list of exchange offices can be found on the Bestchange website... On the left side, choose how you will make the payment, in the right column, choose which cryptocurrency you want to buy. A list of available sites that support this exchange will be shown automatically. I strongly recommend that when choosing an exchanger, be guided by:

Cons of the option of purchasing crypto through exchangers:

  • High commission

  • When paying by card, card verification may be required! That is, you will have to send a photo of the card and your loved one, but not everywhere.

Pros of buying crypto through exchangers:

  • Speed! On average, everything takes 15 minutes

  • Large selection of available cryptocurrencies

  • A wide range of payment options for buying crypto from bank cards to electronic wallets of various companies, including Qiwi, Yumanei, Skrill, etc.

Another purchase option is CRYPTO EXCHANGE .

Of the most attractive and most importantly reliable, Binance is . Wide range of cryptocurrency options, acceptable fees. In general, everything is pretty cool. But! You will need to verify your account if you want to buy from 13,000 rubles.

Advantages of buying cryptocurrency on a cryptoexchange:

  • Convenience

  • Acceptable fees

  • You can use an account on the exchange to deposit and withdraw funds at the casino

  • You can withdraw funds to a bank card

Cons of buying on a crypto exchange:

  • There is no guarantee that one day the funds will not be frozen. For example, for additional account verification.

  • There is no guarantee that one day the available withdrawal or deposit methods will not disappear.

Option for buying cryptocurrency from a CRYPTO WALLET

In some wallets, it is possible to buy cryptocurrency using a bank card. The size of the commission is different, but on average it ranges from 5 to 10%.

The purchase process is simple and straightforward, enter the amount for which you are ready to buy crypts, indicate the desired type of cryptocurrency and pay.

The disadvantages of this method:

Some wallets ask you to provide all card details, as well as go through the verification process.

  • High commission

Of the pros:

  • The acquired cryptocurrency will immediately be at your complete disposal. That is, NOBODY will freeze your account, etc. Of course, more expensive, but closer to the body.

Where to store cryptocurrency?

Better to get a personal crypto wallet. They are different in the way of access and functionality. But I'll try to be simpler ...

There are wallets located online, that is, to access, you just need to go to the browser from any device. The most famous is Blockchain . In terms of reliability, these wallets are pretty well protected. You can and should put two-factor authorization for transactions. If we talk about Blockchain, then access occurs only through mail. On the one hand, a plus, on the other, a minus. If you lost access to the email to which the wallet is registered, it will be impossible to restore it.

Another type of wallet is downloadable. That is, you install a wallet on your phone or computer. Actually, that's all. Of the advantages of such options, there is a fairly wide functionality. Large selection of cryptocurrencies. Quality support, ranging from correspondence by mail and ending with a group in a telegram. I use Atomic myself , so far I'm happy. After registration, they gave the coins of the wallet itself, now it's about 18 bucks. A trifle, but nice. Well, there are various chips, like staking crypt at interest, you can withdraw interest and crypt at any time. Also good reviews about Magnumvalet wallet .

Of the minuses, you will have to learn 12 words, like "Our Father". If there are signs of memory problems, getting a tattoo is the best option. From less drastic ways to write on a piece of paper, or better in several and spread out in different places. There is no need. All this is done so that YOU can restore access to your wallet at any time.

For complete safety, TREZOR and the like. The essence is simple, there will be a flash drive on which the crypt is stored. It costs about 100 USD. But this is straightforward for high rollers.

So, I recommend choosing the average. That is, download and install a normal wallet on your computer. As for me, it is better than keeping on an exchange, even on the most reliable one.


If it seems to you that it is difficult and incomprehensible to use crypto as a payment method for playing at an online casino, you are very mistaken. EVERYTHING is very simple and accessible. As they say, the main thing to get there for the first time is to have fun with rhythmic movements.


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