"Corona 19 virus 95% eradication when exposed to ultraviolet light for 3 seconds"

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"Significant effect on indoor virus removal" as a result of the lighting company's Signify test

(Seoul = Yonhap News) Reporter Koo Jung-mo = A study showing that 95% of viruses that cause new coronavirus infection (Corona19) is eradicated when exposed to ultraviolet light for 3 seconds, CNBC reported on the 17th (local time) .

The Dutch world-renowned lighting company, Signifi, said that it had achieved this result by conducting an experiment on the virus-removing effect of ultraviolet rays with researchers at Boston University.

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In this experiment, 95% of the virus was removed when Corona19 virus was exposed to UV light for 3 seconds using SigniFi products, and the removal rate reached 99% when exposed for 6 seconds.

"Ultraviolet rays have deactivated the virus by disrupting the virus' DNA chain," said Eric Rondorrat, CEO of Signifiy.

"Ultraviolet rays are generally effective for virus removal, but I didn't know it was in Corona 19," he said.

Significi hoped that the use of these products would spread, hoping that UV-illuminated products would be useful in removing corona19 virus in schools, offices, hospitals, warehouses, and manufacturing plants where disinfection is required.

Electron microscopy image of new coronavirus [provided by NIH National Institute of Allergic Diseases]

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Nice finding hope it when help in developing a cure

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