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Don't add unnecessary pressure to your life.

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3 months ago

Good morning everyone, it been a while since I last posted here on this great platform due to some issue, but I am glad to back.

Something was going through my mind just yet yesterday and I said I should share it on the platform, maybe someone reading this post might fight it useful.

Alot of people have become so depressed and unhappy just because they friends, colleague, peer group and others have have gotten an achievement or let me say made it in life, they suddenly start becoming desperate and pressurizing them self in other to do anything just to get an achievement or like the popular word (to make it in life). They usually forget that Rome was not built in a day.

They is a proverb which say, "When a mango ripes, it falls on its own but when it’s not, you have to climb the tree, plug it and induce it to rip" The mango which rips by itself without pressure is richer in minerals and sweeter than the one induced to rip. The induced one may impact your health negatively.

Desperation always makes us get that which is less in quality; never be desperate if you want the best in life. If Christ was desperate, in Matthew 4, He would have received the kingdom from the devil instead of waiting on God to receive it after the cross of Calvary. Desperate people add unnecessary pressure on themselves. They want to get married immediately.They want to become rich without delay.They want to harvest as soon as now and they just can’t wait.The devil is out there to make desperate people sell their future and destiny to him in exchange for that which they are desperate for.The bad thing in dealing with the devil is that his gift doesn’t last; if he gives you a husband, you’ll be divorced before you know it, if he gives you wealth, you’ll lose your health, if he gives you money, you won’t be alive to enjoy it and whatsoever you get from him, you will lose the ability to enjoy it.You don’t need to fight for anything in life, learn to wait till you get that which you are asking God for to get to you.Any blessing you get by cunning, lying, cheating, manipulating events, etc. aren’t from God and won’t add value and joy to your life.Don’t add pressure on yourself, whatsoever you don’t have now; learn to live without it till you have it without fighting and struggling.

God is faithful, He won’t deny you that which you need and can’t stay without therefore if you don’t have anything that you want now, have faith in God for it and learn to enjoy that which you have. Live your life from what you have and not things you don’t have.God bless you.

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Written by   15
3 months ago
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