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Bamboo Forest, Baguio City, Ph

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1 month ago
Topics: Travel, Goals, Growth, Journey

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Japan one day? That you'll be able to experience their culture first hand and not only through second hand experience? Why Japan anyways? Of course there are also other places that boast equivalent beauty but for now lets settle for some budget friendly look alike. Here is some awesome shots on my locality. Hope you visit💛

This is Saint Xavier's Seminary located at Liteng, Baguio City, Philippines. This is one jeepney away from town that can took 10 to 15 minutes depending on the traffic. The place might not emit a very eye catching aura but there's a hidden paradise located at its rear.

Take note that the pavilion is visible at my back :))

Welcome to the entrance. Pardon that hooman because I failed to take a picture without a subject on it. I went there during Christmas, a peak season, so I was not able to take a nice picture.

Remember: Don't hog a place with your companies because there are also others who came for the aesthetic just like you :))

As you can see at my back, there is a pavilion that serves as a resting place for the visitors. Of course we can't forget to take a picture on this. Here's a goofy shot of me highlighting my nonexistent booty.

Next is the mini zoo that has a monkey. chicken and goose on it. He looked pitiful by his lonesome but what can I do.

After that is the ramp walk to go inside. I say ramp walk because this was like a runway for poor people like me who will never get the chance to walk on a limelight lit extra legit Hollywood runway.

So this is me getting ahead of myself and acting like a pro :// A little tinkering and voila, you had a profile picture ready for your social media account.

I'm also a fan of photography to the point that I make do with every little thing. Beyond the runway are chairs and tables set for you to have a rest too.

Here's a spot that is group friendly. Let your comrades take their places and voila, you have a happy picture. Well, not unless you are tasked with capturing the picture. I'm tempted to hire a cameraman already because when I came here with my family, I was the only one taking the initiative to take a picture. So sad, lol.

There they are, all happy without me. Lol. just kidding.

At least I'm happy by myself. Jk. So have you had plans where to bring your lover? I recommend you to come and visit my hometown. But remember, it is best to visit not during the holidays.

Baguio City, Philippines has lots of place to offer. Comment below if you want other recommendations :)) I still have plenty of list to recommend.

Into the woods.

Lovelots, EvilWillow🥴😍

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Written by   45
1 month ago
Topics: Travel, Goals, Growth, Journey
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