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Entrepreneur's Eyes, Know What It's Like And If You Have Them!

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4 months ago
"No solution comes if you focus on the problem!"

Everybody dreams of having their own busyness, however few people have what it takes to put an idea into practice and then make it real. On the other hand, there are people known as "Midas" everything they touch became gold!

What's different on those people? Well, just taking a quick look at them, you see they are not regular people at all. They have a different behavior, a different point of view, they have different habits, they have ENTREPRENEUR'S EYES!

While everybody is complaining about the hot weather, they are selling water. While one is crying, they are getting the tissues. And if you thought "So they are always thinking about money?" You are WRONG! They are always thinking about solutions, whereas everybody else is focused on the problems.

Most of the time, people who have entrepreneur's eyes have been through hard times many times in life, and they usually had to get by all by themselves. It could be a financial problem, a disease, a break up, or whatever. In every bad experience in life we have two options complain or learn. Those people chose to learn and that changed them.

Having said that, you notice that entrepreneur's eyes is not something you are born with. You learn it then you grow it, until it becomes part of you. Onde day, when some problem shows up, you realize you don't waste time complaining and feeling bad, you run after the solution and that's the only thing that matter. By this point, you start listening to someone else's problem and start imagining the solution. Until finally, you start selling it, because you found a solution for everybody in your city, country or internet!

Have you got this skill? Do you know anybody who has entrepreneur's eyes?

If you still don't have it, start practicing by avoid complaining about small things and always concentrating to find a solution, the changes it's gonna bring to your life are measureless!

Thank you for reading!

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Written by   14
4 months ago
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