Book sniffing

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3 years ago

Book sniffing lol. I should be laughing but what majority of us don't know is that sniffing book can. Be so sweet and nice I use to remember when I was young I love sniffing book after reading I sing it and it smells so nice sometimes this could be a motivation to make people read book alot some people dont like read me my self sometime I have to force my self to read but all the same it could be nice to read and get useful information abt things u grab knowledge and own it no matter how small or vague u think it may be

No one is an island of Knowledge we all are all striving to be perfect and knw things reading make u better it educate u about things and it makes u feel informed and it widens ur knowledge sometimes I sniff my book after reading because it makes me want to read the mori guess that is why the platform is called read cash sometimes reading to can get u alot of money Happy reading pls do like my post and subscribe tanks u can comment too

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