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What does nature gives you?

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2 months ago
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All the images in this post is captured by me.

Nature is good and sweet without it we all can not survive mother nature has taken nothing from us and yet she keeps providing for us, for our needs, and for everything we need we all get it from nature.

Is there anyone who hasn't gotten anything from nature? Am not sure there is a such person because right from what we wear is from nature, what we eat is from nature where we live is from nature even we all are from nature because the Bible makes us understand that we all came from sand so automatically we all are from nature as well.

Let's talk about what nature gives us like

Food: mother nature automatically provide all the food we are eating because they all grow from sand, even if you don't plant it on the ground am sure you make use of sand to plant it in your now so it is still from nature because sand is also from mother nature.

Clothes: well according to what we were thought in school, it is said the clothes are been cultivated on the farm so it is from nature as well

Shelter: if not for nature there can't be a house because there won't be land and even the materials for the building we can't get so nature shelters us with a roof over our heads.

Work: well we all are not farmers to say it provides job for everyone but in our offices, there is something nature provides there which is our chair that is cultivated from the farm and so many things like water in our dispenser the fresh breeze from our windows, etc.

Health: all our medicine is gotten from a natural source according to what we were thought in school, our teacher makes us know that all the medicine we are using as tablets is gotten from leaves and herbs so nature provides it as well to give us good health and if you can't take tablet then you can as well go with herbs.

People: since the Bible says we are all from sand that makes us all nature so what is your relationship with nature because people are also nature, are you treating people around you well and are then treating you well too?

Human, generally are nature because they are the one that makes everything perfect for nature so by taking care of people you are also taking care of nature

Your family is what nature has given you, your friends are what you get from nature so you should treat them well including your neighbors they are all gifts from nature to you.

The air we breathe is also from nature and come to think of it if there is no air how can someone survive? Or is it water that we should talk about? Nature is just so good to us by providing everything we want and giving us a life to live because there is nowhere to live aside from nature even if you move into space you are still getting from nature because everything you are seeing in life is from nature.

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Written by   146
2 months ago
Topics: Nature, Human, Life, People, Inspiration, ...
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Nature gave me a comfortable and colourful environment to live in.

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2 months ago

That's good buddy

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