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I always thought I know myself until someone made me see the true picture of who I was. I have a full-size mirror in my room that shows how I look on the outside, it shows how beautiful I look when I dress up but it doesn't show what the inside of me looks like.

I was ignorant of the real me until someone made me see the reflection of my inner self.

This happened some years back when I was in school. I was working to support myself and things were so hard for me to the extent that I always had the intention to steal if I had the opportunity to do so.

I met this girl in my former apartment, she was a student also but she never liked having anyone around except her boyfriend. She doesn't interact with anyone and we barely say hi to each other.

On a particular day, I was washing a plate outside when she came out to pour dirty water away and on her way returning inside, she fell. I rushed down to where she was to help her because she couldn't stand by herself.

I helped her to the room and when I got inside, I was surprised to see how beautiful the room was. No one would have believed there was a room as beautiful as that in that building.

I fell in love with what I saw inside her room and after that day, she came to thank me and that was how we became a little bit close.

Some months later, she invited me to a party. I have no idea it was her birthday so I followed her and on getting there, I didn't see any lady or girl inside the building, there were only guys which happens to be her boyfriend's friends.

I was scared for some minutes but later some ladies came so I felt relieved.

She took me to her boyfriend's room and asked me to seat that she will be back and I saw a lot of money on the bed with lots of wine, cakes, biscuits, and chocolates, I could tell they got everything for the party.

Staring at the stacked money got me thinking about different things. "Should I take one bundle for my school fee? Don't, you are not a thief" I said to myself.

So before the evil side of me do something stupid, I went out of the room to seat on the couch in the parlor but those guys in the parlor were giving me some look that I wasn't comfortable with so I went outside to look for the girl.

I met her and her boyfriend outside so I said to her, "Shade, I have to go now because I am still going to a night shift at work today".

She replied to me, "Oh really I thought today was your off day, no problem let me give you something". She ran inside to take some money and a pack of chocolate for me.

When she gave me all that, I couldn't bring myself to collect those things from her because I am not comfortable taking things from someone I don't really know so I told her, "I won't be needing all that".

She felt bad about rejecting the gift but I don't mind because that's just me.

I never stood in front of her to look into her eyes before I saw myself through her, and that day I realized that even if I don't have, I can never take what doesn't belongs to me. I have thought of stealing before when I couldn't pay my school fee on time but when I finally have the chance to steal as much as I could, I couldn't do it.

Thanks to her for the great reflection of myself she showed me, if not I might still have the mindset that if I can get a hold of some money I will carry it and run away but that day I couldn't think of taking a single piece of the money and even what she brought I couldn't take that as well.

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