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Clara kept murmuring while preparing dinner and Segun, her husband didn't feel comfortable about it.

He left the football match he had glued his eyes to for about an hour and went to the kitchen.

Clara put a smile upon sighting him but Segun wasn't convinced that nothing was wrong.

Segun walked up to her side and asked if anything happened while he was at work. Clara said it was nothing serious happened but somehow he was interested in what was bothering her and insisted that she told him about it.

Clara promised to share it with him in the bedroom because she needed to be quick with the cooking since their kids were hungry.

After dinner, Clara asked Segun if he believed in spirits and he wore this scared look a ghost was in the room.

She briefed him how some of her friends talked about it while chatting and her opinion was that spirits do not exist.

Segun smiled and told her not to let things like that bother her. He held her head to his chest and whispered, "spirits do not exist".

They both smiled and the discussion went on from the spirit thing to how Christmas would be celebrated.

The couple has been married for over five years, and they are blessed with kids but Clara hasn't met her in-laws because they reside in some part of Africa while they stay in Europe.

Segun promised to take the family to Africa but he hasn't fulfilled the promise.

He tried avoiding the discussion about Christmas but Clara pressed further on it. Segun didn't want the going to Africa for the holiday talk but Clara was very serious about it.

Segun promised they will go but Clara didn't believe and she reminded him every morning until a few weeks before Christmas. She got it for herself and the kids Nigeria visa.

Segun persuaded her claiming it wasn't time for Clara to meet his family but everything fell on deaf ears.

The next morning, Clara was packed and Segun had no choice but to follow his wife and kids because they haven't been to Africa before.

Segun was restless throughout the trip and Clara wouldn't even give him a chance to talk to her.

She had made it clear that she has nothing to do with him until she meet his family in Africa.

They arrived in Molunbu, a small country in Africa. It was a beautiful place rich in culture and Clara was wondering why Segun has be hesitant all this while.

Clara suggested that he called the family to pick them up but Segun called a taxi instead. They all got in and they were taken to a small community in the capital of Molunbu.

As they approached a mansion sitting alone on a huge plot of land, Segun told the driver to stop. He told the driver to take them to the mansion and Clara didn't agree to that.

She insisted that they all go together but Segun said he wants to get a particular drink for his dad because it was his family tradition.

Clara agree to go ahead of her husband because it was hot and she didn't want her kids to roam in the sun searching for a traditional drink.

The vehicle arrived at the mansion gate and the driver helped them remove their luggage from the boot.

Clara knocked and an aged man opened the gate. He had a striking resemblance with Segun, Clara guessed she was at the right place and greeted the old man.

She introduced herself as Segun's wife and the old man was shocked. He called unto his wife and she looked surprised as well.

They allowed them in first and Segun's parents demanded more explanation because of her claims. Clara was confused because it looked like she was been interrogated.

It was taking time for Segun's arrival and she started feeling insecure. She shared her location online and hoped she wasn't in danger.

The aged coupled agreed to be Segun's parents which was a relief but the fact that Segun own the kids was something they didn't believe.

Clara told them to be patient for Segun's arrival so that he will clear things up. They decided to show her something and she followed them to the back of the house. Segun's father pointed to a grave and told Clara that Segun was buried there about 6 years ago after he died due to a long-time illness.

The old man told her that he was their only son and they haven't recovered from his death.

Clara didn't believe her ears, she waited and waited for Segun to show up but he didn't. She cried while waiting for a whole day and didn't believe all that they said.

Segun's parents invited people who could testify to his death and they went to the hospital for proof as well.

Clara spent a few days in Molunbu and returned to Europe. She got home and opened Segun safe.

There were lots of money and a note in it. She read the note and discovered that Segun was really a spirit. She cried her eyes out while thinking about her journey with him. While sobbing, she heard Segun calling out to her but when she turned around, she found herself on her matrimonial bed.

Clara was shocked to see Segun, she moved back quickly and begged him not to hurt her.

Segun was surprised because he was carrying a gift, Clara looked around and realized she was dreaming.

She held Segun tightly and was sure he is a human, she started crying again and hugged him tightly. She thought the argument about going to Africa created the dream because she was angry when Segun said it wasn't still time before she went to sleep.

Their wedding anniversary didn't go to plan that day because Clara couldn't take her mind off the horrible nightmare she had and she refused to share it with Segun.

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Wow, it could have been a serious issue if it was a dream. I have heard stories like this in the Yoruba land and I think it is true.

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