All the signs was there

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Lola was in her office getting ready for close at work. She went to the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee before her friend arrived to pick her up and while handling the mug carefully, it slipped.

The coffee poured and the mug broke. "Wasn't I careful enough", she asked herself while packing the broken mug.

She mopped the floor by herself before returning to have another cup. While heading to the coffee machine, she slipped and it was then she returned that some part of the floor wasn't dry.

She dry it and lost interest in the coffee.

"What is wrong with you today, Lola? ", She asked herself before putting a call through to her friend Kemi.

Hello, Kemi where are you?", She asked.

Kemi replied, "I am on my way to your office to pick you up".

"I am waiting, please come and get me out of here" Lola replied.

Kemi noticed how unstable Lola was on the phone so before she hang up she ask, "Lola are you okay?"

Lola replied, "Yes, I am good. Any problem?".

"No, not at all am just asking" replied kemi then she hang up.

Lola wasn't feeling good about everything that happened to her in the last 20 minutes but she couldn't place a finger on what went wrong but she knew that day isn't going well for her.

Kemi was stuck in traffic on her way to Lola's office and Lola was outside her office waiting already.

While Lola was seating, she fell asleep.

"Hey you!", a young man called Lola. She looked up and the man was too tall that Lola couldn't see his face.

The man raised his hand to grab Lola and she stood immediately and ran away the man ran after her, she was running as fast as possible and she fell.

She hit the ground badly and one of her teeth jumped out.

"Aww, my teeth", Lola cried as she was looking for something to clean the blood that wouldn't stop coming out from her gum.

Lola! Lola! Lola... Kemi shouted into her ear where she was sleeping.

Lola jumped up and began to check her teeth, "Thank God it was all a dream".

"What dream?" Kemi replied to her.

Lola stood and went straight to her friend's car.

"Two strange things happened today", Lola said while approaching the vehicle

"What were that strange things?", Kemi asked.

Lola is not the type that easily talks about her problem so she replied, "it's nothing, I probably was just making a big deal out of it".

Kemi replied, "since you have chosen not to share it then stop blabbing about it".

They got home and Lola went to the kitchen to make dinner while Kemi was relaxing on the couch in the parlor.

"Lola your phone is ringing", Kemi called from the parlor with a loud voice.

Lola was reluctant to come and pick up the call because she wasn't expecting any call from anyone so she told Kemi, " please help me to pick it up".

But instead of Kemi picking it, she took it to her in the kitchen and said, "I don't like poke nosing into people's matter".

The phone rang again before Kemi left the kitchen, she helped her to pick up and put it on a loudspeaker because Lola's hands were dirty.

"Hello sister Lola", the caller said.

Lola replied, "hello, who's this?"

"It's Bella your grandma's maid",

Lola replied, "oh okay, how is she doing?"

Bella replied, "grandma died about an hour ago".

Kemi quickly grabbed the phone and removed it from the loudspeaker.

"You don't break such news like that", she whispers to the caller.

Bella replied, "Aunty, I am so sorry. I just can't hold it back".

Lola was wailing in the kitchen while she was moving from one angle to another.

"I knew something was off today but I just can't figure out what it is," Lola said to herself while crying.

Kemi came back into the kitchen and gave her a warm hug just to calm her down then told her, "Lola calm down grandma is old already so be thankful for that".

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2 weeks ago


Looking forward to the continuation of this article According to your article here, what I've fathomed out here is that Kemi was just as good to Lola, had it been Kemi wasn't available for her, Lola would have been doing everything unconsciously throughout that day

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2 weeks ago

Hmmm they don't work in the same place and the only way they get more close is in the house

Meanwhile Lola is not the type that open up quickly

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2 weeks ago

That's why I'm saying the availability of Kemi at that moment was helpful

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2 weeks ago

I thought it was all true hehehe it was just a dream. While reading I really feel sadness of how lola was going on when someone grabbing at her.

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1 week ago

Thank God it was a dream if not am sure she can't survive with the kind of blood pumping out of her mouth

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1 week ago

Yeah thankfully!

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1 week ago

That's good

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1 week ago

That was a huge sign but she never would have thought something of such was happening, grandma's death must be very painful.

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2 weeks ago

Yeah she saw all the signs but she never pay attention to it

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2 weeks ago