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Top 10 articles about bullying, for parents and teachers

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Topics: Inspiration, Ideas, 2021

Any child can experience bullying. It can occur in many different forms and impact children for a very long time after, affecting their performance at school and their emotional, psychological and physical wellbeing.

So it’s important that parents and teachers know the signs of bullying and are familiar with the various ways to tackle it.

Here's a list of ten interesting articles that discuss how to identify and deal with bullying; what works and doesn’t work; how to keep children safe online; and your role as a parent or teacher.

1. Spelling out the B-word

This article discusses need for clarity about what is and is not bullying – to avoid children wrongly using the "B" word for any anti-social behaviour they might encounter at school.

2. What should parents do if their child is bullied at school?

If a child is being bullied at school, should parents intervene? Talking to the school, the other parents and the other child are all options, but is it better to let your children fend for themselves?

3. How to protect your children online

Parents don't want to hear that their kids have been involved in any form of bullying – as victim or perpetrator. Here are some ways you can protect your kids from online hate.

4. Resources for teaching safety online

It can be risky to leave students totally alone to develop internet behaviours. Here are a range of resources that can help teachers support students to be savvy online.

5. Everyone has a part to play in managing classroom bullying

Bullying doesn’t always happen where the teacher can see it, but there are ways a teacher can make kids less vulnerable to bullies. Gone are the days when bullying was an issue left to the victim to deal with alone.

6. Cybersafety is just... safety

Cybersafty involves teaching young people about respect, privacy, responsibility, literacy, care for others and care for the self. The things that really upset and distress children online have very little to do with code, cyber criminals or dodgy end-user agreements.

7. Recipe for social media parenting

A key parenting role is to pass life skills onto the next generation. This now includes walking the social media talk. Social media is a life skill that parents just have to educate their kids about, so they can be safe online.

8. What Australian children worry about

Keeping your mind in good shape is just as important as keeping your body healthy, but we put far less time and effort into it. The Kids' Happiness Survey reveals more about what dominates children's thoughts.

9. What works best to help stop bullying in schools?

Traditional forms of bullying in schools have decreased modestly over the last decade or so, yet much still persists. Here is an examination of various anti-bullying strategies used in schools.

10. How parents can support their girls in the twenty-first century

We speak to Kaz Cooke about parenting pre-teen girls in the twenty-first century, access to phones, keeping girls safe online, tackling bullying and how parents can support their kids.

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1 year ago
Topics: Inspiration, Ideas, 2021
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