How I compose my PHOTOGRAPHS

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Disclaimer: I am not a professional photographer.

A little background, I have been doing mobile photography since I was in senior high school and until now. I also became part of a photography organization at our university during those years, which is the FOTOMARINO, a photography organization at the University of Cebu -METC Campus.

My experience with that organization helped me a lot in improving my skills in photography. Practice makes improvements and going out to your comfort zone is learning. Those are the two things I learned upon letting myself explore more about photography. Tutorials on youtube as well are very beneficial, you will be introduced to many other apps and tricks. I will be making youtube recommendations soon for you to watch but as of now, I will be introducing you to how I make my compositions.


I find monochrome very good for portraits. The device I used for this is VIvo 91C it is an outdated phone but I used it for most of my works. So my aim for portraits is to get the close-up shot for my subjects, I am aiming for their facial features but most importantly their facial expressions. In portraits you don't need to have that majestic beauty of a model, what you need is to get the authentic beauty of your model.

I focus on the eyes of my model when I am doing portrait shots, the eyes will tell everything about the photo. The best thing about portrait is that it manifests the model's authenticity. It manifests emotions, plainly emotions. It has less movement and less background, it is just you and the model communicating with one another using the lenses of the camera.


This one of my favorite types of photography because you can use your imagination. highly recommend Snapseed and Lightroom as editing app. My compositions for this one are based on the last movie I watched, the last book I have read, or based on my dreams. As of that photo, it was based on my dream, I dreamt about being chased by a human television, I can't do it with a tv so I made an alternative which is our oven. So yeah, one golden rule for this is, DON'T LIMIT YOUR IMAGINATION.

You can do creative portraits here. When I do this, I always find a dark place with limited one to three color lights, I find it cool to do this style. The colors of the lights do not mix with one another, and when you increase the saturation it gives mood to your photo. The night or black background fits with high contrast colors because it gives a club feels to your photo. I was at the party during that time.

This creation is really a class A satisfaction to me. I achieved what I was envisioning. So, I was watching Taylor's Swift interview before editing that photo, and Taylor was speaking out about gender equality, which really leaves me mind-blowing. So as a result, I wanted to portray what is a woman in a sing photo. As you can see, a woman is confident because women are competent. You cannot categorize women by how big or thin they are because their physical appearance is just nothing compared to their whole being. Women are fierce and know when to act and where to put their actions. That's the essence of this photo.


I am obsessed with film, I happen to just edit my photo to achieve a film atmosphere because I don't have the financial capacity yet to buy film rolls and film cameras, those are quite expensive now. In editing, I used Snapseed to achieve that archaic look. Choosing the subject for this type of photography is quite challenging because I do increase grains in editing and sometimes some subjects do not quite blend with it and just destroy the whole thing.

In this kind of photography, I like doing it outdoor around 1 pm to 3 pm, those times the light is clear, and if you want to try it just make sure to adjust the light in your camera or phone. During this time also there are a lot of people outside and I find it so natural, I am into capturing moments just like this. I once dream of being a photojournalist.
The good thing about film photography is that it gave the "old-days" feeling, very nostalgic, and it gives many memories though we all know that it was being captured at recent times but the edit itself or the film impact brings us back to memory lanes.

So I'll be stopping here, if you want me to have a part two please comment down below and let me know your thoughts.

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