My Green Babies

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2 years ago

Nowadays people seem so busy of doing chores for everyday life..Lucky are those have work becuase thier routines are fixed,no need of thinking what to do next.

How about house people like housewives or grandparents who are not allowed to go out becuase of these pandemic are bored and looking for some activities that can make up thier boredom solved.

Planting is another choice to cope boredom.

Its not just a leisure time but also a way to earn money..It also helps to stressed out someone.

Planting sort kind of greens also makes our eyes healthy...

It also refreshes us from hotness during sunny days.

It doesn't need any requirement such as being a green thumb..

It is ur willingness to do so,after all you've not just help urself relieved from stress but also you'll helped the nature more beautiful..

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