What Does Family Mean To You?

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Family is one of Be Strong Families guiding principle, starting with deference for and enthusiasm for others regardless of how old, how youthful, where they come from, what they've encountered, where they are, the means by which skilled they are, the way solid they are, who they love. It stretches out to person's decisions of who they call family – what purposeful, significant connections they structure. Our estimation of family reaches out to local area and to sisterhood and fellowship. Despite the fact that we are joined by this worth, family implies something other than what's expected to every one of us. Hear from our Board of Directors how family affects them:

"My family is and has been steady in assisting me with bringing up my youngsters. They address the establishment of who I have become throughout everyday life. It was my auntie and uncle who drove me around viewing at universities as a secondary school understudy and empowering me for advanced education. My grandparents financed my advanced degree. My family has consistently been there for me, in fun occasions and not all that great occasions. If not for my mom, I don't know where I would be today. Since I got separated from 12 years prior, my mom has helped me monetarily to remain in my home and address the issues of my developing children."

- Nina Aliprandi (Board Chair), Director of Program Services, Maryville Academy

"Family for me addresses the establishment of self, and a solidarity of acknowledgment, genuine penances, euphoria, backing and love that is based on a continuum of strength, and excursion in modesty from an earlier time, current and people in the future."

- Sandy Baba, Ph.D., Education Researcher

"For me family is far beyond individuals I am identified with, my family likewise comprises of a steady and caring gathering of companions who I can snicker and cry with. Without the strength of local area, I feel that I would not have as much desire to be the parent and individual that I endeavor to be."

- Kassia Eide (Board Secretary), SPARK Family Engagement Coordinator, Fox Valley United Way

"I view at family as the individuals who care about you the most and need to see you develop and prosper. Accommodation, regard, wellbeing, trustworthiness and collaboration are my basic beliefs; my family comprehends my qualities and I comprehend their qualities. Through comprehension of one another's qualities, we show up at a shared regard and backing. Individuals with open hearts and an ability to acknowledge you for the human that you are. In any event, when things turn out badly and emergency faces you, you can generally rely upon family. Family takes you back to your qualities and assists you with using sound judgment."

- Kenneth Krantz, CFP® APMA®, Financial Advisor, Grezlik, Krantz, and Associates Ameriprise Financial

"Family consistently feels close by. The closeness is never controlled by distance or time. Successive get-togethers form into shared help. Furthermore, intermittent visits improve lives with appreciation. Family is solace; it is home. What is generally significant: I won't restrict family to a gathering or spot. I'm energetic about fortify all networks. I accept, the establishment is regard and responsibility and making esteemed minutes."
- Antoinette Rice-White, Community Parent Leader, Foster Parent, and Child Care Provider

“We are family."

- Katthe Wolf, MA (President), Founding Partner, and CEO of Be Strong Families


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