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2 years ago

--The people are usually ours

Teaches love. They say one more time,

"Hate me, that's what I deserve."

Do you know why?

--Because after a while he realizes you don't need him anymore. You are not what he wants you to be.

It may not be possible for you to get what you want. So a time comes and leaves you in the middle.

Sometimes he wants to come back.

When do you know that?

When he realizes that you are thinking of something new without him.

Then he will want to come back to your life by motivating your thoughts. He will never want to hold you, but he will be tied up if you want to leave.

In fact, ask that person once,

"What do you really want"?

I know he will say in one sentence, I do not know!

But he really does not know, what he wants?

People who have come to know these so-called Janina will be able to tell how difficult it is to face an intermediate situation like the word Janina in life.

Even then, I say, think of yourself without caring about this word.

Because he who knows nothing will never want to hold your hand. Instead, he will leave you alone and take matters into his own hands.

So try to keep going without him, that way you are useless.

You also explain to him how active you are without him!

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