Disrespect or Disgrace

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2 years ago
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Is disrespect or disgrace becoming a daily companion?

It is very important to respect each other. Relationships are based on trust and respect. And if that place becomes shaky, then you have a lot to think about. Observe quietly for a while, then come to a conclusion. Think about what you want and what you get. If the matter is neglected every day, the place of honor is no longer the same as before; Or if your value is no longer the same as before, what do you think?

Maybe you can go on your own for a while but in the end think about whether you can hold on. The battle with oneself is actually one's own. You must think from the heart, then you will speak with an open mind and then judge things by reasoning with him. If the calculation is very mediocre, tell him/her, see what he/she says. If he loves, he will want to correct himself, and if that diminishes your importance; Then he/she will not do that. So you understand what you should do then!

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